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Use generative AI to create original images in your digital work instructions with CareAR Experience Builder.

Object Detection and State Detection to Verify Procedures

Using machine learning and computer vision, incorporate visual verification (object detection and state detection) into your workflows to verify work completion.

Enterprise Augmented Reality for Field Service and Customer Support

CareAR’s enterprise augmented reality platform transforms service by reducing costs, improving first-time fixes and customer experience.

Driving Transformation Through an Enterprise Augmented Reality Service Experience Management Platform

CareAR’s enterprise augmented reality service experience management platform empowers organizations to access expertise in seconds with remote AR support and self-solve digital work instructions on-demand, across devices from desktop to smartphone supporting any situation, anywhere.

enterprise augmented reality remote customer service
CareAR Experience Builder on Desktop
AI State detection for healthcare equipment maintenance
Create Smart Assets
Make anyone an instant expert by delivering digital and visual content with context to promote self-solve or provide self-guided instructions.

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Empower Service Employees
Enable service desk agents and field technicians with the right tools and ability to do remote solve with AR annotations over live video.

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Build Interactive Service Experiences
Democratize service experience creation with self-authoring of content, interactive 3D models with hot spots, step-by-step guidance, and digital workflows integrated with service management platforms.

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Provide Connected Insights
Provide proactive and predictive service with AI computer vision, state detection, and object detection.

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Create Smart Assets

Make knowledge contextual by delivering digital and visual content with context to promote self-solve or provide self-guided instructions.

Empower Service Employees

Enable service desk agents and field technicians with the right tools and ability to do remote solve with AR/3D annotations over live video.
CareAR Experience Builder

Build Interactive Service Experiences

Democratize service experience creation with self-authoring of content, interactive 3D models with hotspots, step-by-step guidance, and 360 digital workflows integrated with service management platforms.
CareAR Experience Builder

Provide Connected Insights

Provide proactive and predictive service through real-time insights from third party systems and sensors, IoT integration, and predictive analytics.


in remote resolutions


reduction in dispatches


first-time fix rate


reduction in service time

Trusted by 5,000 Enterprise Customers

remote support data center

CareAR Reduces Data Center Downtime by Enabling Instant Remote Support to Drive Efficiency and Reduce Carbon

“CareAR® Assist gives us the ability to invite and connect with third-party suppliers, partners, and industry experts to help us resolve calls remotely. This avoids costly visits with the added benefit of helping us towards our sustainability goals. Every truck roll we prevent reduces our carbon emissions.”

Jonathon Weston

Jonathon Weston,
Operations Manager, UK and EU Data Centers, Xerox
enterprise augmented reality remote support high tech

CareAR enables remote preventative maintenance, improved customer service and savings for Visioneer

“Customers expect full service support when they need help. Since being there in person is not always an option or the most efficient solution, CareAR provides precise identification of the support issue, ensuring that Visioneer’s customer needs are addressed to their satisfaction. With so much innovation going into our products, we are excited to deliver the same level of innovation into our customer experience, while also providing cost savings to our service organization.”

Jim Tamo, Visioneer

Jim Tamo,
President, Visioneer
enterprise augmented reality remote support IT services

Service IT Direct utilizes CareAR to power Smart Handz saving customers up to 85% of their support costs.

“Being able to communicate with a customer using augmented reality, gives us the ability to “touch and feel” what the customer is seeing, and allows us to support them from anywhere in the U.S. This allows Service IT Direct to support our customers on a much higher level, but also allows us to support locations we normally couldn’t reach geographically. During uncertain times with limited access into data centers, we are still able to provide the level of support customers are paying for and expect from their support provider.”

John Menth

John Menth,
Director of Operations, IT Service Direct
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Enhancing the Service Experience Using CareAR® Assist

When CareAR is used as part of the Xerox service experience, customers spending less time waiting for service or on service calls, achieve faster resolution times, equipment up-times, and partner with a company who is environmentally conscious.

fewer site visits


Increased remote solve


Overall global adoption


Minutes or less training time

Kg GHG emissions avoided

*Data from Jan. 2022 through Dec. 2022

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CareAR® Instruct

Empower technicians with self-solve enterprise augment reality instructions

CareAR Instruct enables the creation of enterprise augmented reality based instructions for a self-guided step-by-step flow. Bridge skills gap by empowering anyone to follow easy steps contextually personalized for resolving issues or training.
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Experience Builder Product image

CareAR® Experience Builder

Rapidly create self-solve instructions for customers and technicians

With CareAR Experience Builder create easy step-by-step digital work instructions with no code. The simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy and fast to add 3D, 2D, video, and other content to instructional workflows, personalizing learning with engaging content.
enterprise augmented reality telecom

CareAR® Assist

Speed resolutions with remote AR visual support

CareAR Assist enables service teams anywhere to instantly provide remote enterprise augmented reality visual support for their customers, employees, and field technicians. Enable access to remote experts or agents for deflecting costly dispatches, reducing time-sensitive resolutions, while fostering safety.
enterprise augmented reality telecom

What’s New at CareAR

Visual Verification with AI computer vision

Visual Verification: How AI Computer Vision is Transforming Workplace Safety and Compliance

Workplace safety isn't just a box to tick, it's a vital commitment to protecting your most valuable asset - your people. Traditional methods of ensuring compliance rely on manual observation, spot checks, and self-reporting. These methods can be slow, error-prone, and...
AI image generation with CareAR Experience Builder

AI Image Generation: A Game-Changer for Digital Work Instructions

AI image generation within your digital work instructions is an easy, cost-effective, and time saving way to create content.

CareAR case study: Sapphire Utility Solutions

Sapphire Utility Solutions

CareAR has empowered Sapphire’s field service technicians with self-solve and remote-solve AR solutions that increased service uptime.

Intelligent enablement platforms provide context to technical workers

Intelligent Enablement Platforms – Empower Your Frontline Technicians

Intelligent enablement platforms empower technicians and customer service reps to operate more efficiently, confidently, and consistently.

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