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Sapphire Utility Solutions Case Study Video for CareAR
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Sapphire Utility Solutions: Transforming Water Utilities with Augmented Reality

Sapphire Utility Solutions, provides award-winning services to the clean water, wastewater, gas, digital networks, and highways sectors.
Sapphire Utility Solutions Case Study Video for CareAR


As part of a larger digitization program, Sapphire installed thousands of network monitors and sensors across the wastewater network. It was discovered that in 10-15% of service visits, these network monitors were either damaged, or not replaced correctly, resulting in a loss of functionality. Sapphire needed a way to upskill its field technicians to work around the critical network monitors when on a service dispatch. Sapphire services millions of customers who require access to vital utilities in a highly regulated environment. Eliminating the damage to these network sensors is crucial for Sapphire to maintain its commitment to service availability, environmental standards and customer experience.

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“What CareAR has done is taken the knowledge and information that we need at a specialist level and made it easily available at a point of work.”

Colin Kelly

Colin Kelly

Managing Director, Sapphire


With CareAR Experience Builder, Sapphire built a library of digital work instructions available to employees in the field to drive self-solve. This data catalog empowers field service technicians with the right content, in the right context, at the right time, enabling them to operate and maintain a broad range of equipment and services. These instructions can be launched via QR code, web link, or application directly on the user’s smartphone or tablet. Customer service agents can also access the content within their CRM systems and push the relevant information to the field service technician. If necessary, they can escalate to a CareAR Assist session, delivering real-time visual support. This allows the expert to remotely see what the field service technician is seeing, identify the issue, and provide AR annotations in live video to help guide the remote user to a resolution. Content captured during self-solve or real-time support sessions can be captured, either for audit and compliance purposes or for future training.

Sapphire uses this combination of guided work instructions and real-time support to perform maintenance around network monitors and sensors, eliminating needless damage to vital equipment and improving services.

“What CareAR and Xerox did for us was bring new ways of thinking, new ways of working.”

–Colin Kelly,
Managing Director, Sapphire

Sapphire Utility Solutions Results with CareAR

CareAR has empowered Sapphire’s field service technicians with direct access to knowledge, previously only available at a specialist level, instantly when it’s needed. The teams are now equipped with all the information they need to complete a specific service call through their tablet or smartphone.

Sapphire was able to quickly deploy this capability by using CareAR’s no-code workflow creation tool, Experience Builder, rapidly upskilling the teams in the field, eliminating the cost and disruption of classroom-based training sessions.

Damage to the roughly 18,000 network monitors has been reduced to virtually zero, increasing service uptime and removing needless and costly equipment replacements.

Finally, CareAR has helped Sapphire towards its key sustainability goals, with each avoided return visit contributing to an overall reduction in its carbon footprint.

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