CareAR for Customer Service

Increase self-solve and remote resolutions with enterprise augmented reality (AR) visual guidance and assistance.

Increase Self-Solve and Remote Resolutions

CareAR enables contact centers to reduce calls with engaging visual self-guidance and minimize technician dispatches with collaborative AR direction. Visual awareness with graphics overlayed within each customer’s smartphone or tablet field of view boosts remote solve effectiveness with personalized guidance that optimizes customer experience.

Customers are able to share what they see from their mobile device, while agents can virtually guide them using a digital suite of AR tools to assess and solve their issues as if they were physically on-site. CareAR empowers agents to immersively collaborate with empathy and ownership for a more effective service experience that is remembered and shared for customer experience brand value.

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Increase Remote Resolutions

Deflect costly dispatches by enabling contact center agents to virtually see what their customers are seeing, so they can solve more issues remotely.

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Improve CSAT and NPS

Faster resolutions with personalized visual context optimize customer experiences.

Self-solve with AR

Boost Self-Solve

Boost self-solve effectiveness for customers with step-by-step AR visual direction.

Remote Home Repair AR Assistance - Customer Service

Remote Visual Assistance

Allow remote agents or experts to visually assist on-site customers to “see what they see” through live HD video streaming from their mobile device camera. Customers can choose to engage via the CareAR app or browser experience. AR guidance enables contact center agents to visually annotate with anchored AR tools over live streaming video, guiding customers to successfully troubleshoot their issues.

Remote Home Repair AR Assistance - Customer Service
Self-Solve for Customers using AR

Self-solve for Customers

Boost self-solve for customers for unboxing, troubleshooting and reboarding use cases with step-by-step AR graphical guidance. Hotspot focus engages users with contextual graphical guidance overlayed on actual objects within each user’s smartphone or wearable device field of view. Additional video and 2D content with natural language search effectiveness enables users to self-tailor step-by-step direction for their optimal learning style. Self-guidance efficiency reduces service calls and enhances customer experience, with AR self-solve effectiveness.

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ServiceNow Customer Service Management Integration

CareAR integration within the ServiceNow Customer Service Management platform enables a CareAR Assist session to be launched directly within each case. AR snapshot and video guidance are automatically included with work orders to ensure accurate parts delivery and speed time to resolution. Visual content as well as customer feedback are stored within the case history for future reference, proof of work completion, and compliance.

ServiceNow Customer Service Agent CareAR Instruct

Show your Customers you Care


Increase in CSAT


Increase in First Call Resolution Rates


Increase in Remote Resolution Rates


Decrease in Length of a Service Call
Service teams today are challenged with solving problems in increasingly complex situations, especially in light of COVID-19. They want to increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve customer outcomes—all while ensuring employee safety. Together with CareAR, ServiceNow is delivering digital experiences that empower service teams to better solve problems remotely so work can be completed efficiently and safely.
Michael Ramsey

VP of Product Management, ServiceNow