CareAR Service Experience Management (SXM) Platform

Innovating field service and customer service by utilizing augmented reality and artificial intelligence

AR & AI Digital Instructions

Empower Field Workers to Self-Solve and Remote Solve

In real-time, field technicians can access data, diagrams, remote guidance, and digital work instructions when they need it most, via augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

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Expert Remote Assistance

Enable Customer Service and Experts to Assist Remotely

Through an interactive video interface, users can place anchored AR annotations, and overlays to help guide customers through a remote collaboration call.

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Expert Remote Assistance

Enable Customer Service and Experts to Assist Remotely

Through an interactive video interface, users can place anchored AR annotations and overlays to help guide customers through a remote collaboration call.

Agent helping customer with engine repair using CareAR Assist

Real-Time Live Video

See-what-I-see video communication enables experts to remotely assess a field issue and instantly enact correct measures

CareAR Assist on tablet troubleshooting Data Rack

Augmented Reality

Deliver contextual information and guidance with annotations anchored on real-world objects to remove communication barriers and foster understanding.

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CareAR Assist on tablet troubleshooting Data Rack

Immersive 3D content

Improve comprehension by showing life-like digital twin content to illustrate complex assemblies, step-by-step procedures, and more

Explore 3D Model on Mobile and Desktop >

3D Model Red Ducati

Object Detection

Visual Verification ensures procedure compliance and accuracy with AI powered computer vision to detect completed work

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Image Recognition CareAR

Image Recognition

Use Image Recognition technology to identify planar images and trigger conditional workflows for customers and technicians

See how image recognition works >

Mobile Phone Image Recognition
CareAR Intelligent Search

Intelligent Search

Surface existing enterprise content with AI powered semantic and keyword search to deliver content with context when incorporated with immersive AR or 3D content

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No-Code Experience Builder

Anyone can create mobile enabled step-by-step instructions that include 2D and 3D content and AI powered Visual Verification and search with no coding required

Learn more about Experience Builder >

ML Modal Creation CareAR

Rapid Machine Learning (ML) Model Creation

Build computer vision machine learning (ML) models with object and state detection in hours, not weeks, with easy to use visual tools without writing a single line of code

See how to build ML models >

Cloud Native Platform

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Based on cloud-native serverless architecture, CareAR delivers massive scalability for any size organization

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99.95% Availability

With high availability you can always rely on CareAR being there when your team needs it

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The SXM platform meets the rigorous SOC2 Trust Service Criteria requirements for security

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Your privacy and your customers’ privacy is protected with GDPR and CCPA compliance

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Data Sovereignty

Keep your data in region with hosting options in the U.S., E.U. and Canada

CareAR Device Support

CareAR goes where you go in app or in a browser

Across all mobile devices, CareAR works seamlessly as you need it, when you need it.

CareAR Integrations

Seamless AR and AI in your Existing Workflows

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Enable ServiceNow with AR and AI remote and self-guided assistance capability for ServiceNow CSM, FSM, and ITSM.

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Escalate from Salesforce Service Cloud cases to CareAR Assist sessions with the click of a button and receive images, data, and video recordings.

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Amazon S3

Ensure quality customer service interactions by storing CareAR Assist session recording in your Amazon S3 bucket.

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SAML 2.0

Leverage your existing enterprise identity management system and allow users to login to CareAR using their enterprise credentials

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Launch CareAR Assist and Instruct sessions from your application and receive data back from the session including images, data, and video recordings.


Find Remote Solve and Self-Solve Solutions for your Use Case

CareAR’s augmented reality solutions have many practical applications. Users should start where they would find the fastest, most meaningful ROI. These use cases stand out as offering simple adoption, tangible benefits, and a clear roadmap to follow

AR Use Case Manufacturing

AR for Manufacturing

Supporting assembly, maintenance, and quality control through self-solve work instructions
AR Use Case Telecom

AR for Telecom

Helping field techs and customers through remote collaboration and anchored annotations
AR Use Case Utilities

AR for Utilities

Guiding workers in inspections with digital work instructions and virtual support
AR Use Case Transport

AR for Transportation

Innovating transportation from assembly to daily operations with interactive 3D models
AR Use Case Customer Service

AR for Customer Service

Customer Service teams use remote collaboration with augmented reality guidance to service customer issues. AR visual support accelerations problem resolution, reduces handling time, and improves customer satisfaction.

AR Use Case Field Service

AR for Field Service

AR enhances field service with visually guided maintenance, remote expert assistance, and seamless integration into field service management platforms like ServiceNow. Technicians are empowered to deliver efficient solutions, reducing downtime and boosting productivity.