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Why CareAR?

Your customers, employees, and field staff need smarter support tools. Your enterprise requires smarter support capabilities.
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Over 30% of all dispatched calls require a follow up on-site visit. Over 50% of those calls, required further assistance risking an additional visit.

Employee Attrition

Over the next 5-10 years, on average 70% of companies most experienced workers will be leaving due to attrition

Website Downtime

Every hour of downtime impacts enterprises between $300K to $5M based on their size


Global Covid-19 pandemic has introduced next normal safety regulations around remote working and contact avoidance

WhyCare KPIs
  • Average CareAR Industry Results

CareAR is the augmented reality smart service platform for the modern ServiceNow enabled enterprise.

We make expertise accessible, instantly for customers, employees, and field workers through live visual AR interactions, instructions, and insights as part of a seamless ServiceNow digital workflow.

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Faster Time to Resolution

Gain instant visual context – spend time solving the problem versus assessing the situation

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Higher First Time Fix Rates

Annotation suite of tools for more effective guidance and accurate resolution

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Knowledge Transfer

Reduce your skills gap and make experts more accessible to more junior field resources or contractors

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Deflect Costly Dispatches

Increase remote resolutions and decrease unneeded dispatches through visual assistance and guidance

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Customer Experience

Elevate your customer’s experience and NPS through unmatched quality, service, and capabilities

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Integrated into the ServiceNow platform

CSM, FSM, ITSM, Knowledge Base for easy workflow and application integration

Visually Resolve Issues Remotely Using Enterprise Augmented Reality

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