CareAR for Field Services

Increase self-solve and enhance field worker efficiency through enterprise augmented reality (AR) visual assistance and guidance.

Deflect Dispatches While Enhancing Safety

CareAR enables your field workers to receive remote expert assistance and instructions, instantly. Increase first-time fixes, reduce resolution times, and avoid additional truck rolls, while enhancing safety. Address skills gap and knowledge transfer challenges, while allowing field technicians to spend less time assessing the situation and more time solving the actual problem. Whether through live visual AR interactions, self-guided instructions, or contextual insights, CareAR makes expertise accessible anywhere.

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Deflect Costly Dispatches

Enable experts to virtually see and solve issues remotely, while reducing time-sensitive resolution

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Bridge Skills Gap Challenges

Provide broader coverage of remote experts to less experienced field technicians

Self-solve with AR

Boost Self-Solve

Boost self-solve effectiveness for field technicians and contractors with step-by-step AR visual direction.

AR for field service with Realwear smart glasses

Visual AR Assistance and Guidance

Allow remote experts to visually assist onsite field workers to “see what they see” and virtually guide them via a digital suite of AR tools, as if they were physically onsite. Using desktop, mobile, or smart glasses, both parties can annotate collaboratively over live HD video on 3D objects that pin in place and persist throughout the session. Avoid unneeded site visits to achieve greater efficiency of resources and safety due to contact avoidance. If a site visit is required, field workers can then “know before they go,” by reviewing AR snapshots and video to be best prepared prior to dispatch and resolve the issue the first time.

AR for field service with Realwear smart glasses
Self-solve instructional AR app for Automotive

Self-solve for Customers and Employees

Empower field technicians and contractors with AR and interactive 3D self-guidance to increase self-solve rates and reduce “phone a friend” inefficiencies. Hotspot focus engages users with contextual graphical guidance overlayed on actual objects within each user’s smartphone or wearable device field of view. Additional video and 2D content with natural language search effectiveness enables users to self-tailor step-by-step direction for their optimal learning style. Self-guidance efficiency reduces escalated calls, minimizes error rates, and upskills field service technicians with AR self-solve effectiveness. Use case examples include upskilling field technicians and contractors, training on new and legacy products, and standards and compliance.

AR for ServiceNow Field Service

ServiceNow Field Service Management Integration

CareAR integration within the ServiceNow Field Service Management platform enables CareAR Assist session to be launched directly within each case. AR snapshot and video guidance are automatically included with work orders to ensure accurate parts delivery and speed time to resolution. Visual content as well as customer feedback are stored within the case history for future reference, proof of work completion, and compliance.

AR for ServiceNow Field Service

Show your Field Workers you Care


Increase in Dispatch Deflections


Increase in First Time Fix Rates


Increase in Remote Resolution Rates


Reduction in Resolution Time
“We service production equipment and customer-facing kiosks in thousands of retail locations that require high uptime. We wanted to enable our technicians to diagnose and resolve issues the first time, whenever possible. With CareAR we are now able to capture and use senior technician know-how to enable our entry-level technicians to troubleshoot and execute repairs with CareAR’s Assist solution from anywhere. We proved for ourselves working with the CareAR POV services team that deploying CareAR can improve first-time repair rates and enable our technicians to do an even better job for the customers we support. The POV experience with CareAR truly helped us make an informed business decision.”
Scott E. Johnson

CEO, Customer Engineering Services