Reduce Your Environmental Footprint With Augmented Reality

In North America, one service site visit uses 1.4 gallons of gasoline on average. This equates to 12.5 kilograms of CO2 emissions. With CareAR’s remote AR assistance, your business can reduce truck rolls, cost, and carbon emissions. Find out how much you’ll save with our carbon calculator!

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint With Augmented Reality

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CareAR Helps You Deliver on Your Sustainability Commitments

ESG is an evolving journey that mandates industry leading climate targets for responsible businesses to operate sustainably while creating value and improving lives.

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Reduce Service Visits to Lower Fuel Consumption and Emissions

Augmented reality remote visual support saves an average of 1-3 service calls. Eliminating one truck roll per day can approximately reduce 4,500 Kilograms of carbon emissions annually. This is equivalent to 5.5 acres of US forests absorbing carbon in one year!
carbon absorption from truck rolls
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Service tech

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Waste

Grab the right part for the job the first time with CareAR augmented reality “see what I see” technology. Time to resolve and first-time fix rate performance is optimized with video “know before you go.”

Championing for a resource and asset efficient environment

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Inspire Customer Loyalty with Sustainability Benefits

Meet customer expectations, improve the ability to attract and retain talent, and stand out from competitors by working towards your ESG goals.
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CareAR Drives ESG Results


Data from Jan. 2022 through Dec. 2022

kg GHG emissions avoided

Deflected Dispatches


Increased Remote Solve

Assumptions: 29 mile average trip. Average van up to 3.5 ton with efficiency of 269 g/km. Source: Xerox Technical Support Representatives usage in North America. 

CareAR Sustainability Benefits

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Reduce Truck Rolls

Gain instant visual context – spend time solving the problem versus assessing the situation

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Sustainability Metrics

Reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint

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Boost Loyalty

Sustainability process change for competitive advantage

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Reduce Waste

Optimize first-time-fix rates and accurate parts dispatch

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Employee Experience

Innovative organizational sustainability technology

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Service Experience

Reasons to engage with sustainability benefits