CareAR® Instruct

Augmented reality instructions for immersive training, enhanced inspection, and effective quality management.

Augmented Reality Visual Instructions

Merge contextual video data with interactive guides to increase a user’s level of knowledge, whether it’s a field service tech looking to fill a gap in knowledge or skills, or a customer needing instructions to assemble a device after unboxing.

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Create Interactive Instructions

Use this simple but powerful tool to create AR-enabled visual instructions.
CSR and Field Service Worker

Accelerate Knowledge Transfer

Use self-guided, step-by-step contextual video guidance to pass knowledge from more experienced techs to less experienced ones and to make information accessible to future users.
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Extend Knowledge Engagement

Use AI-powered computer vision to access the collective intelligence of multiple users and then put that information into action.

AR-Enhanced Instructional Content

Create self-guided instructions to make anyone an expert.

Easily create process flows and other instructions that feature 3D object detection—even users without coding experience can do this. Publish engaging self-guidance with CareAR instructions that automatically adjust based on the state of the equipment.

Immersive Operational Procedures

Enhance procedural workflows with AR-powered contextual guidance.

Present training, service, or inspection workflows in 3D—this type of interactive video is a more efficient instruction tool than traditional knowledge-based training. It will help employees and customers at all experience levels better understand what they need to know to succeed.

Dynamic Awareness

Engage with instructions that adapt according to context.

Give directions that automatically focus attention on specific areas, take into account the state of a part, and then automatically adjust accordingly. The app will automatically advance to the next step as steps are successfully completed.

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CareAR Instruct

How It Works

Before engaging with the CareAR application, your team will define instructional content, process flows, and plan your work. Then once you are ready to start working with CareAR, you will follow the steps below.

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AR Enhanced step-by-step Instructions

Browse and play back instructions onsite or when preparing for a service call, inspection, or quality assessment.

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AI Computer Vision

Detect objects, parts, and their states for contextual identification.

Intelligent Context

Serve up the most appropriate instructions based on service context. Enhance the instructions with IoT-delivered diagnostics data as well as relevant service history.

Multiple Devices

Any device, Anywhere

View instructions on mobile phones, tablets, smart glasses, or desktop computers.

Authoring Content

AR Instruction Authoring Tools

Rapidly scan, label, and classify objects for AR-enabled content while you edit and curate dynamic instructional workflows, checklists, exploded-view diagrams, and help guides.

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Smart Templates

Create instructions faster with ready-made templates for installation, parts replacement, and trouble shooting procedures.

Analytics in Monitor

CareAR Instruct Analytics

Measure the effectiveness and adoption rate of training content. Calibrate and improve the content to meet organizational KPI targets.


Trusted Support

Have a CareAR customer success manager assist you with instructional innovation.