CareAR® Instruct

Augmented reality and interactive 3D guidance for visually immersive self-solve, training, and quality management AR instructions

Augmented Reality Instructions

Boost self-solve effectiveness for customers and employees with step-by-step AR instruction within each user’s device. Unique CareAR state detection verifies motion to dynamically adjust guidance. Packaged, Content as a Service, and self-authoring experience creation make Instruct easy to deploy and maintain. Instruct self-guidance reduce errors and optimizes efficiency at scale.


Immersive Knowledge Transfer

Self-guided, step-by-step augmented reality direction overlayed on real-world devices or interactive 3D models visually engages users with graphical hot spot focus
content enhanced learning icon

Content Enhanced Learning

Self-selectable 2D, 3D and video content within graphical hot spot locations to supplement step guidance that personalizes learning
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Anyone Can Create

Drag & drop CareAR® Experience Builder creation and packaged unboxing, troubleshooting and maintenance procedures make it easy to deploy and update CareAR Instruct experiences at scale

Immersive Step Guidance

Visual self-service instructions increases efficiency and accuracy

Present easy to follow step by step service, training, and inspection workflows with augmented reality graphical overlays and interactive 3D content. Patented CareAR natural language search reveals most in-the-moment impactful content to enhance learning and comprehension.

Dynamic Awareness

Live visual AI analyzes tasks to verify proper completion

Patented CareAR Computer Vision AI-powered object and state detection to identify objects and their current state. Verify a procedure has been completed correctly using live state detection to reduce errors, and ensure safety and regulatory requirements.

Exceptional Service Experiences at Scale

Efficiently deploy and update immersive graphical direction

Drag & Drop web-based tools within an intuitive graphical palette make it easy to author Instruct experiences. Packaged and CareAR Content as a Service are additional options that empower.

Instruct and Experience Builder Browser
Predator Engine Experience Builder

How It Works

Before engaging with the CareAR application, your team will define instructional content, process flows, and plan your work. Then once you are ready to start working with CareAR, you will follow the steps below.


Step by step AR guidance

AR Enhanced Step-by-Step Guidance

Easily follow instructions onsite, during a service call, inspection, or quality assessment

Computer vision

AI Computer Vision

Accurately identify objects, label parts and detect states of motion for contextual guidance

hot spots and rich content

Hot Spots and Rich Context

Tap on an interaction point on a physical or virtual object to reveal contextual information


Content Enhanced Anywhere

Add 2D, 3D and video content, text, and animations to create a rich AR Instruct experience

Enhanced language search

Natural Language Search

Reveal in-the-moment content from existing knowledge base with context

Enhanced 3D content

Interactive 3D

View interactive 3D object and Digital Twins with motion that articulates fit and flow

Multi device support

Device Support

View instructions on mobile phones, tablets, browsers, or desktop computers

Drag and Drop create instructions

Easy to Author

Empower AR experience creators with drag and drop deployment speed and agility with Experience Builder