CareAR® Experience Builder

Easily create your own visual instructions, with 3D models, generative AI, and object detection, on the CareAR SXM Platform with our no-code, drag-and-drop tool.

How it Works


Experience Builder is a web-based tool that enables rapid self-solve visual guidance content creation with drag-and-drop ease of use.

  • Create Pages

    Select from existing templates and customize each page of your experience

  • Create Work Flow

    With a simple click connect pages into a workflow for your procedures

  • Integrate Content

    Easily incorporate existing text, images, videos, and even interactive 3D models into your experience

  • Preview and Publish

    Test your experience on simulated or actual device prior to publishing content

Experience Content with Context at Scale


Using the experience builder, service organizations can rapidly publish step-by-step instructions enabling customers and technicians with visual guidance necessary to elevate the service experience.

icon builder cards

Create Step-Guided Direction

A web-based palette with drag-and-drop elements and connectors makes it easy for anyone to create rich content experiences.
icon training

Deliver Immersive Experiences

Enhance 3D models of your product with hot spot interaction points and contextual knowledge.

icon content flow

Visualize Content Flow

Content creators can create sophisticated workflows easily by wiring up user flows through the Experience Builder canvas and page mapping.
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Drag-and-Drop Simplicity

Experience Builder makes guidance creation easy with a visual user interface

Content creators can build AI-based experiences at scale by selecting customizable page templates or start from scratch. Each page can be fully customized with content and navigation elements to create a workflow design specifically for the required task.

icon builder 3D

Create Contextual Content

Experience Builder authors can add 2D, 3D and video content within Rich Cards linked to each Instruct HotSpot to supplement step guidance. Create simple or sophisticated experiences with curated content delivered through search.

Create Instruct experiences that reveal existing organizational knowledge through search or curated content. Ensure that the best content is delivered to the user precisely at the point of need.

icon builder preview

Preview and Publish

Preview an Instruct step-by-step guidance flow within Experience Builder, publish when verified

Experience Builder presents authors with an interface to test their experiences in a browser or on their mobile device. Once ready, authors can publish with a single click. Users instantly receive the latest version of content automatically.

Create Work Instructions with AR and 3D Content


Here are all the content types you can choose from when designing your digital work instructions