CareAR® Assist

Augmented Reality Remote Visual Support for Live Assistance and Guidance

Augmented Reality Remote Visual Support

Empower service teams anywhere to provide remote visual AR assistance and guidance. See what your customers, employees, and field workers see in real-time, while collaborating with a suite of AR tools to digitally guide and solve their problems, as if actually there on-site.

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Deflect Costly Dispatches

Reduce frequency of unneeded and costly dispatching while decreasing customer downtime.
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Reduce Time-Sensitive Resolutions

Gain live visual context to spend more time solving the problem than assessing the situation
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Enhance Safety

Convert onsite visits to remote visits while enhancing safety from contact avoidance.

Visual AR Assistance

Live remote visual assistance, guidance, and compliance for remotely identifying and solving issues, anywhere.

Escalate experts or agents to see and guide resolutions remotely, as if they’re on-site. Experience live HD video and audio streaming with augmented reality collaboration tools that anchor annotations on objects in space, ensuring a high level of accuracy and user experience. Automatic capture content of images and recordings from sessions saved into service tickets for proof of work or compliance or import into your knowledge base.

ServiceNow Integrations

CareAR is integrated with ServiceNow for Customer, Field, and IT Service Management

Elevate and extend your ServiceNow applications and workflow experiences with augmented reality (AR) support tools. ServiceNow teams can now enable visual AR support in any situation. Instantly collaborate with customer service or technical service representatives to see the situation and solve the issue remotely using AR annotations and overlays. Save images or recordings captured during live sessions directly into your work order.

Enterprise AR Analytics

Smart AR support platform that gets smarter with each session

CareAR’s platform gets smarter with each session. We tag and track teams, content, interactions, usage, and location data in order to manage and measure critical KPI’s. Additional integrations to ServiceNow Performance Analytics allows baseline comparisons for showcasing tangible operational results.

CareAR Portal

How It Works



Enterprise Cloud Platform with Embeddable APIs

Built for scale on a global infrastructure and for easy integration with our embeddable API’s.
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Scalable HD video and audio collaboration

Designed for crisp, high-quality audio and video while resilient across low latency networks.

Augmented Reality Suite of Tools

Remote service teams can annotate, guide, and instruct as if actually on-site. Detect and interact with 3D objects over live video.
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Co-brand Your User Journey

Present your brand voice and brand elements on your CareAR Assist invitation and landing page for a seamless user experience.

1-Click Create and Capture Content

Create, capture, and save images and video recordings from live service sessions into service tickets and knowledge base.
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Widely supported devices

CareAR Assist is supported on Mac OS and Windows, iOS and Android, and Smart Glasses.

Enterprise AR Analytics and Dashboard

Tag and track teams, content, interactions, usage, and location data in order to manage and measure critical KPI’s.

Certified ServiceNow Integration

Extend ServiceNow workflows with augmented reality for Field Service, Customer Service, and IT Service Management.