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CareAR Enables CES Apprentice-Level Technicians to Complete Complex Tasks

CES showed improved first-time resolution rates, mean time to repair, and kiosk uptime by enabling apprentice-level technicians to complete complex tasks.


Customer Engineering Services (CES) is licensed to provide remote support for photo printing kiosks located in a multitude of retail locations in urban, suburban, and rural locations across North America.  Travel time to these locations varies, but getting a technician to a site often takes hours or even days.  Every minute of kiosk downtime is lost revenue for CES’s key customer. 

 CES has a long-standing and strong partnership with its key customers and is committed to optimizing its maintenance services, reducing costs, and introducing innovative technologies to achieve these outcomes.  To meet these commitments CES needed to scale its workforce by leveraging its Subject Matter Experts to enable apprentice-level technicians to complete tasks well beyond their level of experience and know-how.      

 “We needed a way to leverage the knowledge of our senior technicians to enable new technicians to complete complex repairs using AR remote support.  Our goal was to prevent multiple dispatches, reduce kiosk downtime, and improve our services,” said Scott Johnson CES CEO. 

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“We needed a way to leverage the knowledge of our senior technicians to enable new technicians to complete complex repairs using AR remote support. Our goal was to prevent multiple dispatches, reduce kiosk downtime, and improve our services.”


After experiencing CareAR augmented reality training and remote support functionality, CES executives and CareAR identified use cases to validate the value of using CareAR. CareAR® Instruct provided instructional content on the technician’s cellular device while CareAR® Assist enabled real-time AR visual support for CES service management teams to guide technicians. CES remote agents and experts were able to virtually see issues on the device, evaluate the situation, and provide visual guidance and audio to technicians in the field.

CES experts use CareAR Assist to confirm if a print head replacement is necessary. Before CareAR, they validated the need verbally, which was time-consuming. With CareAR, onsite technicians can launch a print head replacement Instruct experience and collaborate with the SME over a CareAR Assist AR visual support session. This process accelerates validation and results in a more precise diagnosis, freeing up time for other duties.

CareAR Assist has an end-to-end ticketing system that captures images and videos during service sessions. These are securely saved in the customer-owned cloud and added to the knowledge database for service analytics, helping CES optimize service delivery and knowledge transfer.

“We service  production equipment and customer-facing kiosks in thousands of retail locations that require high uptime.  We wanted to enable our technicians to diagnose and resolve issues the first time, whenever possible.  With CareAR we are now able to capture and use senior technician know-how to enable our entry-level technicians to troubleshoot and execute repairs with CareAR’s Assist solution from anywhere.  We proved for ourselves working with the CareAR POV services team that deploying CareAR can improve first-time repair rates and enable our technicians to do an even better job for the customers we support.  The POV experience with CareAR truly helped us make an informed business decision.”
Scott E. Johnson

Scott E. Johnson


Working with CareAR


With this technology, the support team could see and understand exactly what the customers were experiencing and provide guidance using CareAR Assist. When asked about their experience using CareAR, 70% of technicians reported positive feedback. During CareAR Assist sessions, onsite technicians reported learning new skills from subject matter experts 73% of the time, showcasing the platform’s capabilities to upskill workers. 

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