CareAR’s Knowledge 2022 New York and The Hague Recap

At Knowledge 2022 in both New York and The Hague, CareAR showcased how its augmented reality (AR) visual support platform is reinventing the service experience and driving Digital Transformation for customer, field, and IT services.

CareAR’s platform and partnership with ServiceNow continues to enable organizations to digitally transform their support experiences with game-changing AR capabilities. Integrated with the Now platform and workflows, teams can take full advantage of AR as part of a seamless user experience with ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management, Field Service Management, and IT Service Management applications. CareAR’s ServiceNow leading AR workflow extension, allows customers and technicians to take their service experiences to the next level and optimize the ways enterprises operate. CareAR is the ONLY ServiceNow certified AR partner cross-platform.

In the How to Activate Customer Service as a Value Center and Driver for Business Growth session, Accenture’s ServiceNow Business Group Managing Director George Finn discussed how end to endless customer service can transform service from reactive to regenerative. It’s all about the belief that to thrive in the cloud continuum, organizations need reimagined, high-quality service experiences for customers. Customer service as value enhancer rather than as a cost center can achieve 3.5X more revenue growth.

The following sessions validated that with customer workflows and within the ServiceNow platform, AR adds a critical ingredient to the service experience and serves as a natural extension of the ServiceNow platform.

Key CareAR partners such as CareAR-FinServ, Thirdera-Telco, Infosys, and Wipro all had presence at the conference. Some of them co-presented in a few of the sessions.

There were several use cases discussed across industries.

  • Healthcare – Clinical Asset Management
  • Manufacturing – Autonomous/Pro-active Manufacturing
  • Construction – Building Information Modeling
  • Telco – Maintenance/Field Service; Truck Roll prevention
  • Utilities – Remote Field Maintenance

Key challenges were brought up, including deflecting costly dispatches, reducing time-sensitive resolutions, accelerating knowledge transfer, and extending knowledge engagement.

Senior leaders highlighted the importance of investing in remote AR support to address these challenges and help deliver operational efficiencies and elevate customer experiences. Organizations that are not exploring tactics to move away from the traditional service and support models are at risk of falling behind.

Check out all the content CareAR showcased in its Knowledge 2022 booth right here on the CareAR website. Learn how our CareAR® Assist and CareAR® Instruct solutions help to make experts accessible, reduce operational costs, enhance safety, enable self-solve, and improve sustainability.

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