Intelligent Enablement Platforms – Empower Your Frontline Technicians

For field service organizations, frontline technicians are the face of the company and key drivers of customer satisfaction. Yet, these essential employees often lack the tools and information they need to perform at their best on service calls. Companies like Xerox, Customer Engineering Services (CES), and Productive Business Solutions (PBS) understand that implementing an advanced self-learning platform empowers technicians by putting the resources they require right at their fingertips. This elevates self-service far beyond basic knowledge bases to become an intelligent enablement layer.

Platforms like CareAR provide contextual enablement in the field to dynamically deliver Experience-Based content. This helps to close the 70% knowledge gap that remains after classroom training (10%) and colleague collaboration (20%) by providing relevant information, guidance, and capabilities based on each technician’s real-time situation and needs.

Xerox Global Learning Model

Figure 1 – Xerox Global Learning Model

For example:

  • Before arriving on site, the tech can preview key details about the equipment, service history, and issue description.
  • Once on site, step-by-step fix procedures can be pulled up specific to the product model. Visual verification based on machine learning models provides immediate repair accuracy feedback for 100% first-time fix success.
  • If issues escalate, the tech can initiate a virtual support session by clicking on a button in the platform application.
  • After completing the job, the platform provides a complete audit trail. Performance analytics data assess where technicians struggle and what steps in a service process have the most potential for collateral service damage.

Intelligent enablement platforms for information and knowledge sharing

Contextual enablement allows technicians to operate far more efficiently, confidently, and consistently, enhancing their learning experience and exceeding service level agreement metrics. This translates into immediate and direct cost reduction, margin improvement, customer satisfaction, and technician retention.

CareAR Value Optimization Model

Figure 2 – CareAR Value Optimization Model

Intelligent enablement platforms do more than deliver information. They facilitate continuous knowledge sharing across the organization. If a technician encounters a new issue and needs assistance, troubleshooting notes, photos, and videos are automatically fed into the knowledge base as new solution articles and intelligent content.

This process transforms each service call into a learning opportunity that is captured in the intelligent enablement platform. The platform captures tribal knowledge and synthesizes it into a collective and continuously evolving knowledge base for the entire workforce.

Technician Enablement Drives Results

For field service organizations, empowering technicians is critical. An intelligent enablement platform allows companies to:

  • Improve technician productivity and wrench time
  • Increase first-time fix rates
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Foster continuous learning and collaboration
  • Capture and curate tribal knowledge
  • Improve retention of the next generation of service professionals

Elevate your field services and enable your team to excel. Learn more about CareAR Experience Builder to create contextual content to deliver the best content at your field technicians’ point of need.

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