CareAR’s Distinct ServiceNow Integrations for FSM, CSM, and ITSM

Whether you’re building customer loyalty with outstanding customer service, or managing and delivering IT services to business users, or making your field service workers more efficient and effective, you need workflows and tools that work the way your team works. ServiceNow has those workflows. CareAR fully integrates into each one of them with CareAR for CSM (Customer Service Management), CareAR for ITSM (IT Service Management), and CareAR for FSM (Field Service Management).

The CareAR ServiceNow integration drives transformational process opportunities that elevate customer experiences, reduce truck rolls by boosting remote solve rates, enhancing accurate parts delivery if a dispatch is required via remote expert visibility, and speeding time to resolve with ServiceNow’s augmented intelligence that is automatically embedded in workorders.  These CareAR fueled benefits are efficiently achieved by consolidating augmented reality invitations, engagement, and resolution end-to-end within a user interface familiar to every ServiceNow user.

CareAR is the only augmented reality platform that’s fully integrated across the entire ServiceNow platform. What we’ve done is make it even easier for your service teams to launch CareAR in the workflow that is built for them with the tools they need right from the work order, incident, or case.

CareAR® Assist within ServiceNow empowers service teams to provide remote visual AR assistance and guidance to enable them to work smarter and faster while remaining within their familiar ServiceNow workflow. And when you are done, images and notes have seamless auto-integration to the workflow so that it all becomes part of the permanent record.

If enabled, you can easily launch CareAR® Instruct and get contextual video data with interactive guides that increase a user’s level of knowledge, whether it’s a field service tech or a contractor looking to fill a gap in knowledge or skills, or a customer service rep sending customer instructions to assemble a device after unboxing.

Time is a valuable asset. Seconds add up to minutes and minutes to hours. By simplifying and taking time out of the process, the culminative impact is faster time to resolution and more time for techs to solve customer issues. That leads to an enhanced Service Experience for your employees and customers. And after all, that is the reason companies invest in workflows and tools like CareAR Assist and CareAR Instruct.

More On Instruct and Assist

  • CareAR Instruct (watch quick demo video ») — self-guided AR applications that let users self-solve on their own via AR guidance, 3D-2D content, pictures, text, etc., all wrapped up in tidy visual workflows using rich on-screen instructions.
  • CareAR Assist (watch quick demo video » — human-guided AR experiences for remote customers and field techs so they can quickly complete a job or fix an issue.

Interested in arranging a demo for your particular company and use case? Schedule a demo call now. Make your real world better with CareAR.

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