MSPs are Creating Magical Customer Experiences with Augmented Reality

MSPs create magical customer experiences with aAugmented reality

Magical customer experiences are not just about meeting SLAs or recommending innovations to improve a customer’s bottom line.  Creating a magical experience for your customers goes beyond meeting their expectations. It requires going above and beyond the terms agreed upon in the contract between the MSP and the customer. A magical experience defies the customer’s perception of reality and leaves a lasting impression that sets your business apart from the competition.

MSPs who want to win in today’s marketplace must leave their customers wondering how it was done. They must create a sense of wonderment and amazement that makes them more appealing to prospects than their competitors.  While magicians are masters of deception and illusion, MSPs must be masters of adoption and solution.  They must use high-tech and high-touch solutions combined with their skills to create performances that leave their customers in awe.

Managed service providers (MSPs) are using AR to create magical customer experiences for their clients in various ways. Here are a few examples:

Digital twin environments

In collaboration with CareAR, MSPs are using interactive digital twins that empower technicians to interact with customer assets to complete tasks, conduct AR-enabled visual verification of accuracy, and create an audit trail in their service management systems.

For example, one MSP delivers managed computing services by enabling customer employees to set up their remote office equipment using an interactive digital twin that provides visual instructions accessed right on their desktop using a digital model.

Another MSP offers conference center services that utilize a digital twin of a conferencing device. The digital twin is placed on the conference room table next to the actual device. Employees point a phone or tablet at the device and are provided with step-by-step setup instructions for setting up and troubleshooting. The result has been a dramatic reduction in technician deployments to conference rooms and magical employee experiences and satisfaction.

Expert knowledge capture, curation, and dissemination

MSPs and their customers are quickly realizing that to leverage AI, a company must capture its know-how.  CareAR® Scan utilizes machine learning to enable anyone to scan objects and environments to create 3D models and images used to produce immersive 3D training simulations. These models enable fully digitized training, digital documentation, and verification of learning task performance.

For example, one company is utilizing the CareAR Service Experience Management (SXM) Platform, combining CareAR® Instruct, CareAR® Experience Builder, and CareAR scan to capture and curate deployment instructions. This helps untrained partners successfully commission technical products in environments requiring auditable documentation of task performance.  They are using their SME’s knowledge to digitize their know-how and enable today’s apprentice-level technicians to complete their work while curating an AI knowledge database for the future.

Sales proposal virtualization

MSPs seeking to differentiate their offerings are enabling their sales teams with AR-supported demonstrations of proposed solutions that are experience-based.  Customers can visualize a proposed solution in an AR-enabled 3D environment allowing the customer to interact with the proposed systems before implementation.

For example, one MSP seeking to replace an incumbent competitor is experimenting with AR to create highly visual and interactive sales presentations that get customers out of their seats to interact with an AR visual view of the proposed solution.  This approach is a completely new way for the sales team to present the MSPs solution  and gives the customer a unique solution experience.

MSPs who offer immersive AR-enabled experiences create magical customer outcomes for themselves and their customers.  Here are a few:

  • Increased customer loyalty: Customers who have a positive experience with AR are more likely to become loyal customers and continue to use the MSP’s services.
  • Improved customer advocacy: Customers are inclined to refer the MSP to others in their network when satisfied with the service.
  • Enhanced brand reputation: MSPs known for offering innovative and engaging AR experiences are more likely to be considered as leaders in the industry.
  • Attract new talent: Employees are increasingly looking to work for companies that offer cutting-edge technology and benefits. MSPs can attract and retain top talent by providing AR experiences.

Overall, offering immersive, magical AR experiences to clients can be a win-win for both MSPs and their customers.

This article is the third in a four-part series focused on the impact of augmented reality for Managed Service Providers.  Check back next week to learn more about how MSPs can use AR to support resource transitions and more. If you missed the last article, you can find it here.

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