Enhance ServiceNow Field Service and Customer Experience with CareAR

CareAR and ServiceNow Integration

How CareAR can enhance your ServiceNow environment to improve service and customer experience

CareAR, the Service Experience Management (SXM) leader, has integrated our cutting-edge augmented reality and AI-powered platform into the ServiceNow platform. This integration is designed to enable significant improvements in CSM, FSM, ITSM and Knowledge.   With the recent release of CareAR for ServiceNow, we introduced a range of new capabilities to elevate the customer experience.  By leveraging augmented reality technology and artificial intelligence, service teams can deliver more personalized and efficient solutions to customers, resulting in improved satisfaction.

CareAR can support customers using the newest ServiceNow technology

It is essential for service teams and customers to have access to the latest technology.  As a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction, CareAR for ServiceNow supports the newest Vancouver release of ServiceNow. Customers can leverage the full potential of the Vancouver release, which comes with a host of new features and capabilities to improve their service delivery and customer experience.

CareAR also supports backward compatibility with the ServiceNow Utah and Tokyo releases of CSM, FSM, and ITSM, giving customers added flexibility. Our dedication to delivering the best service to all ServiceNow and CareAR customers is a priority.

CareAR for ServiceNow

Recent enhancements make it easier than ever to provide top-notch service in the language your customer prefers. ServiceNow is designed to cater to multilingual organizations, offering customers the option to select their preferred local language from a range of options, including English, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. The CareAR user interface can be presented in the customer’s preferred local language, ensuring a seamless experience and providing enhanced support for organizations supporting users in multiple regions or languages.

Integrate CareAR® Instruct experiences into your knowledgebase

Service teams using CareAR for ServiceNow can take advantage of a new feature that seamlessly integrates CareAR Instruct Experiences into your existing knowledge articles, thereby significantly improving service capabilities.

Integrating CareAR Instruct Experiences into your knowledge articles provides additional resources for technicians, resulting in faster time to resolution and higher customer satisfaction. Technicians can easily access the experiences during a task, allowing them to get the information they need to solve problems quickly.  This feature also helps reduce the need for additional training, as the interactive Instruct Experiences provide step-by-step guidance for solving issues.

Provide unparalleled assistance to your customers with CareAR Instruct experiences

Imagine a scenario where dispatchers have a wealth of step-by-step visual guidance assets that they can easily assign to a work order.  CareAR for ServiceNow allows field service dispatchers to easily select from the knowledge captured in custom-built CareAR Instruct Experiences and assign them to technicians. This means technicians are assigned the most relevant information for the task, resulting in more efficient and accurate work completion.

Additionally, any data, such as pictures taken using CareAR Instruct’s camera capture capability will be sent back and attached to the work order activity, creating a round trip for data. This ensures that data is accurately captured in real-time, providing a complete and precise record of the work performed by your organization.

This innovative integration of CareAR with ServiceNow revolutionizes how service teams operate, delivering unparalleled value and driving customer satisfaction. Learn more about CareAR for ServiceNow at: https://carear.com/servicenow

Available now in the ServiceNow store!

CareAR is a certified ServiceNow strategic application partner available in the ServiceNow Store. CareAR for ServiceNow is a unique and highly innovative solution that brings together ServiceNow’s industry leadership of service management and digital workflow capabilities seamlessly integrated with CareAR’s enterprise-grade advanced AR platform and tools built for service management teams.

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