Beyond Differentiation – MSPs Leverage AR to Win New Customers

MSPs leverage AR

Why do companies retain the services of Managed Service Providers (MSPs)?  That answer used to be quite simple:

  1. Access to Expertise – MSPs provide access to the latest technologies and tools, enabling companies to focus on their business and stay competitive.
  2. Cost Savings – MSPs can help reduce company spending on non-core business functions and negotiate better terms through bulk purchasing of hardware and software.
  3. Confidence and Compliance – MSPs can ease businesses’ workload by handling non-core services, proactively monitoring and maintaining systems, and preventing service disruptions.

Today, these are commoditized expectations, not differentiators.  So, how can MSPs set themselves apart from the pack and attract new business?

MSPs stand out from the competition by leveraging emerging and disruptive technologies

Here are a few beyond differentiating  strategies that MSPs are using to set themselves apart from competitors to win new customers:

Offer technology enabled services

MSPs are service providers who specialize in catering to specific industries and possess unique abilities. Due to their focused approach, they are able to harness the power of AI, AR, and ML and create distinguishing expertise. They are capable of partnering with their clients to develop game-changing applications using these emerging technologies.

For example, an MSP for a leading medical instruments manufacturer is utilizing AR, and ML to enable their installation of large-dollar medical diagnostic instruments. They are utilizing augmented reality (AR) to train both their resources and customer medical technicians through AR-enabled instructions, 3D digital twins, and remote visual assistance to provide immediate hands-on problem resolution at the click of a button.

Partner with a leading technology company

In a market saturated with MSPs, partnering with a leading tech company can be a significant differentiator. It enables MSPs to offer unique solutions and services that others might not have access to. Their solutions reflect the combined and unique intellectual property (IP) that can only be created through complementary partnerships.  Enabling and integrating these solutions creates a competitive edge for MSPs, their partners, and customers.

For example, an MSP has formed a partnership with CareAR to improve their operations inspections by using visual verification. The process is integrated with ServiceNow, which helps capture auditable safety and service inspection data. This partnership has resulted in better first-time service rates and security compliance, something that other MSPs have been unable to duplicate.

Adopt AR technology to improve internal operations and eliminate know-how leakage

Leading MSPs are investing in their operations to ensure they can deploy, manage, and troubleshoot their provided solutions effectively. By employing AR in their own operations, they eliminate knowledge leakage in an industry where employee churn can create significant continuity of service problems.  AR can capture and curate employee know-how by documenting work processes, creating job aids, verifying work accuracy, and enabling problem-solving. Using AR technology, MSPs are becoming more efficient and effective in delivering services to their customers because they have more control of their know-how.

For example, many MSPs adopting AR are experiencing improved first-time-resolution rates, enhanced customer-solve capability, and sustained margins over the life of their contracts.  One MSP uses CareAR Experience Builder technology to document and capture work processes to create AR-enabled job aids for power module replacements, visual verification of work accuracy, and compliance audits for  data center infrastructure maintenance.  They have enabled entry-level technical staff to complete tasks well beyond their years of experience with unparalleled accuracy.

In today’s competitive business landscape, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) need to stand out to succeed. By prioritizing customer success, embracing new technologies like AI, AR, and ML, and collaborating closely with technology partners, MSPs can differentiate themselves, keep existing customers satisfied, and attract new ones. With these strategies in place, MSPs can stay ahead of the competition and thrive in the market.

This article is the second in a four-part series focused on the impact of augmented reality for Managed Service Providers.  Check back next week to learn more about how MSPs can use AR to deliver world-class service excellence. If you missed the first article you can find it here.


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