AR Gives MSPs the Inside Track on SLAs and Margin Squeeze

Remote AR assistance for field service


In today’s competitive market, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) realize the importance of meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for retaining clients and ensuring business growth. However, with the increasing offshore compensation rates, retaining key contract personnel, and the ever-growing technical know-how requirements, meeting SLAs has become an uphill battle. MSPs must adopt innovative strategies and leverage technology to overcome these challenges and consistently deliver exceptional services that exceed clients’ expectations.

Clients have high expectations from MSPs regarding reducing their service costs by 5-15% over the course of 3-5-year contracts. However, even a well-managed MSP may only provide 2-4% operational productivity gains yearly during the contract period. When these numbers are calculated, it becomes apparent that MSPs have very little margin to work with.

Augmented Reality is an indispensable tool for modern-day MSPs

Augmented reality is the future of technology, revolutionizing how we interact with the world around us. By overlaying digital information such as images, videos, or 3D models onto the real-world environment, augmented reality can potentially transform MSP operations. With the ability to enhance various aspects of service delivery and customer support, it can help businesses meet and exceed SLAs, making it a crucial asset for today’s MSPs.

  • AR remote assistance and AI-enabled search can help technicians quickly resolve L1-L3 issues with a 100% first-time resolution rate based on client results from over 500 tests across manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and retail industries using the CareAR Platform. This improves MTTR, FTFR, SLA compliance, service costs, and customer satisfaction.
  • AR-enabled knowledge management digitizes an MSP’s standard operating procedures, making them searchable and accessible from anywhere. This allows leveraging of workflows across clients for enterprise scalability, reducing service costs and improving SLA compliance.

Example Use Case:

Suppose an onsite technician encounters an unfamiliar router setup at a client site. In such a situation, the technician can access a digital database of instructional content, which will guide them through configuring or troubleshooting the equipment. Moreover, if the technician needs further assistance, they can contact an AR-enabled SME with just a click of a button. The SME will see through the technician’s eyes and guide them through the process virtually.

These instructional events are then captured and curated providing analytics and insights that identify inefficiencies and opportunities for service improvement.  MSPs using an AR platform are using this data to refine processes, enhance SLA achievement, and improve their margins over time. The key for MSPs who want to relieve the margin squeeze is to intelligently leverage AR technologies to enhance human capabilities, maximize efficiency across service delivery, and scale operations to sustain their margins without service level degradation.

AR, AI, and ML enable MSPs to surpass SLAs

AR, AI, and ML enable MSPs to surpass SLAs. By streamlining processes, automating tasks, and optimizing workflows, MSPs can deliver exceptional service and establish themselves as industry leaders.

The CareAR platform is the ultimate solution to meet and exceed your SLAs to ensure business growth. Here are just a few examples.

  1. Workflow guidance and standard operating procedures provided by CareAR can enhance consistency, resulting in higher rates of first-time resolution and the ability to meet SLAs.
  2. Real-time collaboration with experts and visual aids, CareAR enables faster issue resolution for field technicians and teams, helping them meet response time SLAs.
  3. CareAR’s AI-powered analytics can track KPIs such as uptime, response time, and resolution time. It can also identify opportunities to optimize processes and improve SLAs.

The key to enhancing MSP capabilities and scaling operations without compromising SLAs is leveraging technology intelligently. Embrace Augmented Reality to stay ahead.

This article is the first in a four-part series focused on the impact of augmented reality for Managed Service Providers.  Check back next week to learn more about how MSPs can use AR to win new customers. Learn more at

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