Keypoint Intelligence Recognizes Xerox and CareAR with BLI Pacesetter Award in Remote Services

On November 2, 2022, Xerox with CareAR was awarded the Buyers Lab (BLI) 2023-2024 Pacesetter Award in Remote Services for North America from Keypoint Intelligence. BLI Pacesetter Awards are earned by organizations that Keypoint Intelligence identifies as market leaders in the digital imaging space.

Innovation and Integration

Keypoint Intelligence highlighted CareAR as most notable for its innovation and integration within existing systems. CareAR’s augmented reality (AR) solutions have inspired new ways for Xerox Support Experts to help customers, in large part, by replacing words with an engaging visual experience. With CareAR, Xerox support professionals can connect with the customer’s smartphone or mobile device, get a live view of what the customer sees, and provide overlaying contextual graphical guidance (digital arrows, text, highlights) that sticks where it’s placed. Delivering that guidance without pausing the video stream improves the user experience, as the customer does not have to hold the phone steady or wait for a video to stop and start.

Customer Service and Remote Expertise

CareAR augmented reality is used globally by thousands of Xerox support employees, who engage with Xerox customers daily for service calls that range from office equipment to large print production systems.

And the technology benefits employees, as well. Snapshots and video taken from AR sessions in customer support can be saved and passed along within a work order if a field dispatch is needed. This pre-diagnosis means that Xerox field technicians have a better understanding of an issue before hitting the road. And they can engage with CareAR for remote support on site, reviewing AR video and consulting with experienced experts instantly if they encounter a challenging issue,

In the Flow

Keypoint Intelligence considered CareAR’s integration within the Xerox support platform a significant workflow benefit that improves employee and customer experiences. This platform integration makes it easy for support experts in the contact center and in the field to engage and review CareAR augmented reality video and snapshots for service guidance, preparation, and learning. Support interactions are easy and intuitive for customers and technicians via the iOS or Android device they already use.

Strength in Numbers

The initial goals for Xerox’s deployment of CareAR solutions was to increase the remote solve rates for Xerox customers, reduce technician dispatches, and improve customer satisfaction. These goals have been achieved and continue to improve! Over the past year, Xerox has seen a significant increase in the remote solve rate using CareAR. The company avoided more than 21,000 truck rolls, meaning a faster time to resolve for customers. It also offered the sustainability benefit of saving 269,000 metric tons of Co2!

Xerox customers also appreciate this AR visual collaboration—94% of customers gave a 4- or 5-star rating after engaging with support using CareAR remote assistance.

With onsite Xerox technicians, time to resolve has shortened. By reviewing a CareAR snapshot or session within a work order, a technician can get right to work, eliminating the diagnosis time that a technical service representative has already completed.

Customer expectations have raised the bar for providing remote services that are personalized for their specific equipment issues and their ability to diagnostically collaborate over the phone. The BLI Pacesetter Award in Remote Service from Keypoint Intelligence to Xerox noting CareAR innovation based on real-time augmented reality highlights new customer visual engagement

opportunities that improve service experiences with cost savings and customer experience benefits.

For more information on CareAR solutions, discover CareAR Assist and Instruct, or check out our blog and resource library.

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