How CareAR and CBA Partner to Transform Service Experiences Across Japan and Asia-Pacific

Yoshi Iki Masho! Yoshi Iki Masho! – also known as “let’s go!” in Japanese. These three words reverberated down the halls of the CC/CRM Expo last week in Tokyo, Japan where CareAR and CBA announced a strategic partnership on November 10 to drive Service Experience Transformation across enterprises in Japan and APJ.

CBA and CareAR had an amazing showing, which checked all the elements of a successful event production:

  • Joint press release that went live on November 10
  • An impressive exhibit where CareAR demos adorned tabletops, showcasing its Service Experience Management (SXM) Platform. Demos included: AI/AR powered Instruct on Delonghi coffee machines to routers and more; CareAR Assist for various remote solve scenarios; and my favorite – CareAR Experience Builder that allows anyone to build service experiences on the fly!
  • A packed seminar where CareAR presented how a “shift-left” strategy becomes the cornerstone for service transformation
  • Several meetings with prospects and partners strategizing and connecting the dots between their business models and SXM
  • Media briefings with Japanese media outlets and publications

Prospects ushered through the halls, eager to see CareAR in action. Eager to see how technologies like Augmented Reality, AI and Computer vision can come together to transform how end users, field techs, and service employees interact with content digitally and visually. Eager to get access to expertise at the point of need in the most seamless and intuitive manner!

Why Japan, Why SXM, and Why Now?

Japan is staring at not only an aging population, but also a serious talent shortage issue. The current job occupancy ratio sits at 1.27, which means that for every available worker there are more than 1.27 job openings! The expected labor shortage in Japan over next five years is estimated to be a staggering 1.3M workers. And talent shortage is a factor across the globe, not just in Japan.

With these trends at play, companies are especially looking for ways to:

  • Leverage their scare experts most efficiently by using technologies like video with augmented reality to remotely trouble shoot with junior techs or end-users
  • “Shift work left” by promoting more self-solve by end-users, more remote solve by Service Desk agents vs. dispatching technicians to site
  • Going digital versus maintaining paper-based manuals for field and customer “how-to” instructions
  • Creating Smart Assets, so digital content can be served up contextually at the time of need
  • Create, design, and maintain service experiences in the quickest, cheapest and easiest manner
  • Transform the way service employees are trained, leveraging technologies like Digital Twins and AR-enabled headsets to have students remotely partake in instructional training

Why Is this Partnership Significant?

Through this partnership, CBA will provide an expanded go-to-market reach into the region by establishing a CareAR center of excellence, including an end-to-end service transformation practice utilizing CareAR’s enterprise visual AR and AI-powered service experience platform.

CBA brings a proven track record of taking solutions to market and accelerating growth. And with their services practice around the CareAR platform and established customer and partner network in Asia-Pacific and Japan, we couldn’t be more excited to bring our SXM platform to this region. Local support in regional languages, such as Japanese or Mandarin, is so critical for customers in this region. CBA helps address this with local presence and trained professionals on the CareAR SXM platform.

In talking with a dozen CIOs and heads of service delivery at the show, it was evident that enterprises are ready to make the leap! This is especially true with companies from telco, energy and utilities, manufacturing, hi-tech, BPO or call center service providers, and healthcare, in which rising support costs due to inefficient t field and customer service operations and burgeoning talent gap isn’t sustainable.

Start Your Journey – Contact Us!

With the CC/CRM event behind us, the fun part begins now. CareAR and CBA are ready to take our mutual customers on the service transformation journey with us. Our mission is simple – to drive service experience transformation, and that time is now! Yoshi Iki Masho!  Let’s go!

Here is a short video from the event:

For more information visit and contact us at:

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