AR, AI, and Moving Toward a Proactive Service Model

Leaders Offer Perspectives on Realizing Value from Next-gen Tech at Symposium

The 2022 Smarter Services Executive Symposium, a learning and networking event for senior service and customer management executives, was held in Chicago on Sept. 19–21. Over the course of three days, several hundred service and support executives, thought leaders, influencers, and technologists shared best practices and transformation blueprints to invigorate service organizations. The theme for this year’s symposium was “Service. Forward.”

A Gold Sponsor of the event, CareAR hosted two breakout sessions:

  • Realizing value from an integrated augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) strategy

In this roundtable discussion, Ami Barzelay, Director of Solution Consulting at CareAR, and Greg Ratcliff, Chief Innovation Officer of Vertiv, discussed how customer self-service, triage and diagnosis, and field service delivery can be enhanced by AR and AI.

  • The service experience continuum: Moving toward a proactive service model to gain efficiencies and empower your workforce

In this panel discussion, Jorge Galindez, VP, North America of CareAR was joined by John Perry, VP, Global Transformation & Technology of Xerox Corporation, Rod Cook, Director, NA Service Operations of Trane Technologies, and Bulent Cinarkaya, GM, Field Service Management of ServiceNow. They discussed what prompted the shift to proactive support model, what makes for a best-in-class approach to transformation, the learning moments along the journey, and some of the results of the transformation.

Jorge in Action

In the Technology Showcase, CareAR gave a demo of its CareAR Assist and CareAR Instruct applications. The demos showed how CareAR is driving the service experience transformation by bridging skills gaps, accelerating knowledge transfers, providing greater operational efficiencies, and enhancing customer outcomes and safety. Feedback from customers was extremely positive.

Ami in Action

The Smarter Services Executive Symposium was another amazing event in which to tell CareAR’s story. Our continuing effort to deliver game-changing remote and self-solve capabilities, through our visual AR- and AI-powered platform, uniquely positions us to drive exceptional customer experiences and outcomes. It’s the heart of what we do.

The CareAR Team

Looking for more information? You can check out all the content on CareAR Assist and CareAR Instruct showcased at the symposium right here on our website. Learn how our enterprise solutions help companies to make experts accessible, reduce operational costs, enhance safety, enable self-solve, and improve sustainability efforts.

“Xerox has a long history of innovation and helping our customers to achieve their goals and improve their productivity with new technologies. CareAR has been in use at Xerox since early 2021 essentially providing a breakthrough in the remote support process resulting in faster resolution, shorter service events and deflected site visits. In one year, 21,000 site visits were resolved by our experienced remote support agents using CareAR and the resulting CO2 emissions (269,000 kg) saved. CareAR has not only improved our customer service experience but also has given world class augmented reality tools to our service community to improve their effectiveness and satisfaction, as well as helping us meet Xerox productivity and profit goals.”
John Perry,
Vice President Global Delivery Transformation and Technology, Xerox

"Visual support technologies are witnessing the perfect storm to become pervasive and a critical ingredient for service organizations taking the journey to predictive and proactive service. Consumerization pressures are driving customers to quicker support channels. Rising inflationary costs are steering service leaders towards less costly service delivery channels. Lastly, the talent and skills gap are fueling the need for upskilling and reskilling through the democratization of data and technology. CareAR has established itself as a leading player in the visual support technologies field and we were pleased to welcome them as a Gold sponsor, showcasing their many best-in-class customers across the event recently."
John Carroll
CEO & Founder, Service Council

“CareAR has built a best-in-class Service Experience Management Platform that helps enterprises and organizations access expertise in seconds, across devices from desktop to drones to support any situation, anywhere. We also enable companies to drive down cost while improving customer satisfaction by giving them the tools to deliver faster first-time fix rates, reduction in service time, lessening the need for on-site visits, and driving higher instances of self-help for the customers, and the technicians. Companies are having to do more with less and CareAR is here to help them bridge that gap with augmented reality tools trusted by more than 5000 enterprise AR users.”
Jorge Galindez,
VP, North America of CareAR

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