Keypoint Intelligence: CareAR Wins Outstanding Remote Service and Support Technology

CareAR, A Xerox Company and Service Experience Management (SXM) market leader is happy to announce that the Xerox CareAR Platform has been named the winner of the Buyers Lab (BLI) 2024 Pick Award from Keypoint Intelligence for Outstanding Remote Service & Support Technology.  Keypoint evaluated vendors based on a wide range of attributes such as marketing leadership and vision, hardware use and software benefits, and how augmented reality and digital twins inspire new technology for support, services, and training.

CareAR® Instruct presents a visual digital twin for 3D engagement, enabling self-solve and self-learning improving support for personnel and customers. In many cases, an interactive 3D model can help field service teams overcome paper-based challenges even when they are not in close proximity to the device that needs repairing.  Upon arrival at a device, CareAR®Assist provides real-time augmented reality guidance to remote experts, facilitating efficient resolution of complex situations.

Keypoint’s Award-winning assessment noted, “Next-generation training and service/troubleshooting capabilities don’t get much simpler than with Xerox CareAR.”

CareAR® Experience Builder, Is a drag-and-drop where support experts can easily create and curate content presented in their instructions, guidance, or training.  Simply place and connect blocks of content in a workflow, and then publish to update the QR code.

“The simple design interface enables businesses to create an immersive, rich user experience,” a chief benefit indicated by Keypoint that differentiated CareAR from other platforms.

The CareAR Service Experience Management Platform offers augmented reality tools for remote support, enabling self-solve and instruction, and providing new support options. The simple tool can help eliminate skills gaps and provide visual guidance to solve technology challenges more quickly, save costs, particularly by reducing truck rolls, and provide a unique customer experience.

“Simple tool to eliminate skills gap,” noted by Keypoint’s award-winning assessment.

Click Here to view the LinkedIn post for Xerox CareAR Platform’s win of the BLI 2024 Pick Award from Keypoint Intelligence for Outstanding Remote Service & Support Technology social announcement.

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