CareAR Sustainability Capabilities Gain Significant Recognition

Xerox name one of Quocirca Sustainability Leaders, 2023

Xerox recognized as a Sustainability Leader by Quocirca for using CareAR

Quocirca specializes in the convergence of print and digital technologies. They released a sustainability report analyzing how significant organizations are achieving carbon neutrality. The report recognizes Xerox as one of the top sustainability leaders.

According to an extensive evaluation by Quocirca, Xerox is one of the most notable vendors that “lead the market in both strategic and depth of product and service offering. Leaders have significantly invested in their sustainability-led product offering with a differentiated sustainability roadmap.”

CareAR Contributes to Sustainability Benefits

CareAR drives sustainability results for Xerox

CareAR, A Xerox Company, had a unique impact over other vendors reviewed for the Sustainability Leaders report. CareAR® Assist, a remote expert solution, is used by over 5,000 Xerox contact centers globally. Over the past year, over 57,000 deflected dispatches helped avoid 594,800Kg CO2 emissions avoided. This innovation promotes sustainability and offers a distinct advantage.

Quocirca identified a lack of standardization, causing support challenges for vendors. CareAR addresses these issues with its innovative sustainability efforts at Xerox. “27% of organizations say the top barrier to operating a sustainable print infrastructure is lack of environmental data about device impact. While energy-efficiency labels, such as ENERGY STAR and Blue Angel, have long been the main accreditations, newer programs, such as ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, are becoming better known and show the depths of a vendor’s energy sustainability commitments.” CareAR is an innovative augmented reality solution that offers remote expert guidance to customers and employees. By reducing the need for physical travel to service locations, CareAR helps reduce emissions. Tracking digital problem resolution helps to measure how much CO2 is being saved.

Customers using selected Xerox printers can access CareAR® Instruct for printer troubleshooting. Instruct digital twin technology, interactive 3D guidance, and self-solve tools to reduce calls to support and on-site visits to fix technical problems. This tool uniquely aids sustainability.

Xerox B405 Printer digital twin maintenance CareAR Instruct

About Quocirca

Quocirca’s Sustainability Leaders 2023 report offers extensive sustainability information, including identification of strategies and commitments.

This report also includes Quocirca’s view of the sustainability vendor landscape, including nine vendors characterized as:

  • Market leaders – These vendors lead the market with solid products and services. Leaders invest in sustainability products with a unique roadmap to stand out.
  • Major players – These vendors have sustainable products and services but lack a clear roadmap. These vendors focus primarily on the channel ecosystem.
  • Contenders – These vendors have a weaker strategy and sustainability-led product portfolio and may lag in environmental features with a less differentiated sustainability roadmap.

Learn more about how CareAR can help you reach your ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) commitments.

Download Quocirca’s 2023 Xerox Sustainability Leaders report, featuring CareAR’s sustainability benefits

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