Transform and improve your service organization with AR

Are you ready to deliver excellent field service and customer service experiences every time? Here’s how adopting solutions from CareAR makes that happen – instantly.

To us, Service Experience Management (SXM) is personal. We are driven to bring advanced, intuitive, and efficient SXM tools to those who are responsible for ensuring always-on equipment and devices.

Our augmented reality (AR) technology brings visual, contextual, and human interactions to the physical world, with fun, fast, and friendly service experiences both customers and employees love.

See-What-I-See visual awareness for contact center agents and remote field service experts inspires empathy for every interaction coupled with ownership to resolve an issue or avoid a problem with predictive intelligence.

Not only do field technicians need to optimize each on-site visit, they often must be able to provide remote support when serving at another location. With AR combined with a deep library of knowledge including technical drawings, digital manuals, images, videos, and more, this is now possible.

Personalized understanding and direction are appreciated by customers who engage in highly immersive augmented reality collaboration that makes problem resolution a joy, not a chore.

Augmented reality is quickly gaining traction within field service organizations. For example, Gartner notes that “by 2025, over 50% of field service management deployments will include mobile augmented-reality collaboration and knowledge-sharing tools, up from less than 10% in 2019.”

There are many reasons to accelerate adoption, including costs. For example, The Information Technology Industry Council and Tech Channel report that hourly downtime costs have risen 32% in the past seven years. In some segments, unplanned downtime costs can exceed US$1 million per day.

The impact on operations is well-documented and the savings are becoming even more sustainable as more advanced solutions like ours drive bigger business benefits.

What may be even more important is the impact on customer experience (CX): Field Service News reports “51% of field service companies now see an equal weighting in importance between operationally-focused KPIs and CSAT-focused KPIs.”

Augmented reality can transform field service organizations by enabling teams with technology that fundamentally change processes.

Simplified by using our innovative Experience Builder, a web-based tool that enables rapid self-solve visual guidance content creation with drag-and-drop ease of use, our solutions can be seamlessly integrated into field service applications.

These building blocks lead to consistently excellent and super-efficient field service. A few of the many benefits include:

Show me vs. tell me

Easy-to-use augmented reality-based video reduces the need for remote users to ask probing questions or describe parts or steps in a process. This is because AR provides visual guidance with overlayed graphics contextualized for each engagement.

Immersive vs. anticipated

Augmented reality essentially puts two people in the same place without regard for distance or time, since one person can see what the other person is looking at through a device’s camera. A “we are in this together” bond is established between field technicians and remote experts working toward diagnosis and resolution.

Expansive vs. siloed

Benefits go beyond effectiveness and efficiency, and other metrics that are fundamental to customer support. They also include results that move the customer experience and brand differentiation in new ways.

Bottom Line? Augmented reality-based service experience engagements have a positive impact within and beyond the field service organization.

When the natural benefits of using AR to fix things faster and in more friendly and intuitive ways include dramatically higher customer satisfaction rates, and consistently excellent experiences for both the customer and the tech, everybody wins.

Give us fifteen minutes for a live demo, and a conversation with you and your team on how CareAR can make life simpler and relationships better.

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