The Impact of Instructional Guidance on Experience

On June 15, 2023, CareAR President Sam Waicberg joined the Service Council’s John Carroll on the inServiceTM Podcast “The Impact of Instructional Guidance on Experience”. Sam amplified some of the Service Council research John had regarding challenges faced by field technicians. Sam noted the pressure that techs face from vendors and customers to resolve an issue.

Technicians constantly deal with situations that are difficult. What CareAR does is to provide contextual intelligence at the time of need. Making expertise accessible to a live human or with content with context via visual self-guidance.

CareAR does this by serving up info on their device of choice. This enables techs to do their jobs better. Techs have foundational skills that can be extended with digital self-solve and remote assist. Sam shared data that showed that in almost 40% of the time, organizations encounter issues with additional truck rolls and phone-a-friend field technician utilization challenges. With CareAR, in 50% of those cases the problem can more efficiently be resolved with visual content.

Sam offered further insight on what the frontline is looking for. “The frontline is looking for self-learning opportunities that are immediate, contextual and easy to understand,” Sam said. Field technicians thrive on their ability to fix a problem. With in-the-moment access to CareAR visual step guidance, in many cases supplemented with existing 2D content, technicians can personalize their understanding by engaging with visual content when they need it and for how best they learn.

John noted how service leaders are tasked to do more with less. We’ve heard about guided workflows. What does instructional guidance mean? Sam identified instructional guidance as user step-by-step digital direction to complete a task. Sam explained that this digital guidance will impact the service worker as well as customers. A fantastic use case is self-solving internet access issues. In many cases scheduling a tech visit causes painful delays. What if you get the network device with a QR code that dynamically walks you through a guided experience immediately? We are seeing this demand to support customers with CareAR® Instruct.

Sam highlighted that deflecting dispatch and reducing resolution time are key ROI benefits in addition to customer and employee experience impact. There is even a “ripple effect” that delivers sustainability benefits by reducing truck rolls. The impact of instructional guidance, especially with innovative visual engagement offers any organization delivering services a transformational opportunity to improve experience metrics as well as reduce costs.

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