Service Tech Superpowers In An Instant: AR Changes the Game

AR digital work Instructions for Oil Industry and Field Services

Great service tech professionals choose their profession for a reason: solving problems and fixing things makes them happy. Imagine how much happier they are – and how much happier their customers are – when they can identify problems before they happen, then solve problems when they do arise, faster and more fluidly than ever before.

AR field service solutions from CareAR power and empower the best service techs in the world – by giving them the best experiences, combining data, insights, detailed information on demand and live expert support all in one intuitive and colorful, interactive interface.

AR innovation has been accelerated here, and we have our customers to thank! Some companies build software and hardware, and hope customers will come. We do the opposite – we work closely with our customers to co-create useful and enjoyable experiences that happen to leverage software and hardware, which explains our dramatic growth over the last few years and illuminates the success of our partnerships with organizations including ServiceNow.

We are proud to be a pioneer in rapidly transforming field service organizations by enabling remote support, faster resolution, and an emphasis on customer experience with our growing range of solutions that work across all industries, and which also can be tailored for specific applications, including the hybrid maintenance of Xerox printers (developed with our parent company).

CareAR’s advanced solution combines see-what-I-see video, overlayed with contextual graphical guidance using standard smartphone technology, to provide the field service industry with a new and better option for resolving ongoing challenges. With our innovative Experience Builder, our customers can easily develop digital step-by-step guidance, can create their own virtual workflows, all over an intuitive drag and drop, no-code platform.

Not only do field technicians need to optimize each on-site visit, they need to be able to provide remote support when serving at another location. With AR combined with a deep library of knowledge including technical drawings, digital manuals, images, videos and more, this is now possible.

Great techs are driven to be service heroes!

Gartner notes that 70 percent of customers are using self-service channels at some point in their resolution journey. Unfortunately, only 9 percent can fully resolve their issues via self- service. When they fail, they call. A frequently frustrated and sometimes angry caller makes it difficult for the contact center agent.

And it’s not easy for the field service tech, either, if a call requires a visit as a next step. Bain research shows nearly 50 percent of technicians on average find their tools and technology difficult to use.

Adding to these service issues are increasing customer expectations. A Field Service News Research Benchmarking Report revealed that nearly two thirds (62 percent) of the field service companies within their response set admitted that meeting customer expectations has become more challenging since the pandemic.

If you’re ready to supercharge your field service team, let’s schedule a demo and we’ll show you what CareAR looks like in action.

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