CareAR and Xerox employees build earth-friendly instructional experiences for Earth Day 2023

To honor Earth Day, CareAR held an internal hackathon, CarEARTHon, inviting Xerox and CareAR employees to create an instructional self-solve experience in CareAR® Instruct that has a positive impact on the environment. The contest launched on April 22, 2023, Earth Day and ended on June 5, 2023, World Environment Day. CarEARTHon launched as an off shoot of Xerox’s annual Volunteer Week where Xerox employees are challenged to donate some of their free time to volunteer to help others. Participation in CarEARTHon qualified as one of the possible volunteer efforts for Xerox employees.

Employees were challenged to build their instructional experiences with the CareAR® Experience Builder, a no-code, drag-and-drop application built on the CareAR SXM platform, where users can create visual instructions with emerging technology tools such as 3D digital twin, intelligent search, and augmented reality. Some of the contest requirements for each experience included: must have a positive environmental impact, use of at least 2 of the Experience Builder tools and incorporate between 5-10 steps.

Teams competed in the CarEARTHon for prize money to be deposited into their Xerox Giving Accounts that they could then donate to the charity of their choosing. $1000 was awarded for first place and $500 for the 2nd and 3rd place teams.

The winner of the inaugural CarEARTHon was Team Wildforce consisting of Patricia Dias, Global Omni Channel Lead, Xerox, Daniela Remiddi, Global Technology and Innovation Manager, Xerox, and Ali Naqvi, Global Transformation Deployment Manager, Xerox. Using the CareAR Experience Builder, Team Wildforce designed an instructional experience showing the steps you can take to avoid harming the wildlife you encounter in your everyday lives. View the w  instructional experience here:

The second-place winner was Team Sandbees for Biodiversity, where Andrea Erdmann, Program Manager XDX, CareAR and Pamela Young, Program Manager, Xerox created an experience guiding users on how to create sandbee habitats in their home gardens.

In third place was Team Triple Threat – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, guiding users on which items in their household are recyclable, how to recycle, and offering regional recycling guides.   Carly Kroll, Director of Sales Enablement, CareAR, Jorge Galindez, VP of Sales US, CareAR and Kevin Mukaj, Partner Manager, CareAR are the members of Team Triple Threat.

Learn more about the first CarEARTHon at

CareAR’s remote-solve and self-solve solutions reduce carbon emissions by preventing truck rolls. Having an expert technician assist a customer or junior technician remotely versus having to make an on-site service visit saves on gas and vehicle maintenance which has a beneficial environmental impact.  CareAR cares about your organization’s sustainability commitments. Learn more at

Xerox has a strong commitment to sustainability including 6 key initiatives on carbon footprint, paper, clean air and water, waste, chemical management, and health and safety. Learn more at




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