Xerox Wins BLI 2023 Pacesetter Award in Healthcare from Keypoint Intelligence

Keypoint Intelligence has named Xerox the winner of the Buyers Lab (BLI) 2023-2024 Pacesetter Award in Healthcare for North America. Keypoint’s vendor evaluations considered a wide range of attributes including marketing leaderships and vision, hardware and software benefits, and digital transformation (DX) for healthcare.

CareAR augmented reality technician self-guidance and remote assist within the healthcare segment contributed to Keypoint’s award-winning assessment of Xerox noting “above and beyond” healthcare system support. In addition, CareAR’s SXM platform resolves pain points including long resolution times, device availability, compliance with regulatory requirements, and medical device complexity. For healthcare IT Departments, CareAR addresses issues such as high support cost of medical devices, short supply of skilled technicians and IT resources, preventative maintenance, support, and repairs.

Routine compliance follow-up inspections are regulatory requirements that medical device vendors and healthcare providers must stay current with. Challenges include availability of experienced field technicians who are qualified to conduct medical device evaluations without delays. Upskilling less experienced technicians, contractors, and even on-site healthcare facility staff are ongoing issues. New visual self-guidance opportunities are now available from CareAR, including the ability to use computer vision to automatically verify if an inspection action was appropriately accomplished using state detection. Find out more about next-generation inspections here.

Resolving medical device problems is part of the landscape butin many instances associated with high downtime costs. Compounding uptime pressures are the presence of medical devices that are frequently concentrated within medical centers around cities and campuses. Standard operating procedure has been keeping field technicians running between buildings and crisscrossing the local area to diagnose, triage, and fix medical system problems.

CareAR offers a new way to deal more quickly with medical device downtime using augmented reality. CareAR® Assist takes advantage of visual collaboration between a technical expert and someone at the medical facility to explore the issue in real-time with overlayed graphical guidance.   Visual direction may not only more quickly pinpoint the problem but can also help guide toward a resolution (especially user error) and ensure right part delivery if a technician needs to arrive on-site. Find out more about supporting densely populated device installations here.

One of Keypoint’s evaluation metrics noted for Xerox was in the assessment of providing technology solutions that can improve the efficiency and quality of patient care while reducing costs. CareAR adds efficiency and effectiveness benefits here by boosting remote solve rates to reduce costs for technician travel. Additional cost benefits are achieved by implementing self-guidance to upskill a field staff, and ultimately helping to reduce medical device downtime to improve patient care.

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