Expand Your Reach with CareAR® Assist for Drone and Expanded Wearables Support

The CareAR Assist app is more user friendly than ever, now that it is has been completely redesigned with a focus on improving productivity and creating a best-in-class user experience. It has been overhauled from top to bottom by the product UX team, based on feedback from hundreds of users. Release 21.06 is our biggest update yet.

Whether you’re a casual user or a power user, you’ll notice the changes right away. The app has a new look and feel, including a new color palette, sign-in page, and more. It has been updated behind the scenes, too, so it will perform even better than before to help customers deliver the best service experience possible.

Other updates include support for more devices and types of use cases, along with support for four additional languages. The biggest changes are highlighted below.

Augmented Reality Assistance Using Drones, Expanded Wearables, and New CareAR Assist Native MacOS App

We have added support for a wider variety of devices and operating systems to improve both the customer and service experiences. Updates include:

  • Expanded wearables support: As the market for wearables continues to grow, we are meeting that demand. We now support RealWear smart glasses, which includes integration with RealWear’s voice navigation. (This is in addition to our existing support for Google’s Glass Enterprise 2 product.) Voice navigation allows users to operate the CareAR Assist app hands-free, which improves safety in high-risk environments and is more practical when technicians need two hands and maximum dexterity to complete a task.
  • Drone support: A drone operator can now transmit a live video feed into your CareAR session, using the DJi portfolio of drones. This is particularly useful when you need to see a large area (e.g., across a sprawling campus) or operate in a dangerous environment (e.g., an oil platform or a radio tower).
  • Official native macOS app: By popular demand, we now have a version of the app for Mac computers, allowing users to host sessions from their Mac.

Asian Language Support

To further improve collaboration, user flexibility, and the service experience, we now support Japanese, Indonesian, Malay, and simplified Chinese in addition to our other languages. Users can access these new languages the same way they access our other ones—they can either have the app auto-detect the language based on their mobile device’s language settings or they can change the language manually from inside the app while on-the-go.

Session Recording

Users whose companies have an account on the CareAR Assist Enterprise plan have the ability make high-definition audio and video recordings of their sessions and then manage the storage of those sessions on their own terms. Storage requires an AWS S3 account. Why is having session recordings important? Here are several scenarios where they can be particularly useful:

  • Creating training content that provides immersive detail for a maintenance or repair procedure
  • Capturing a problem with video and audio to share with colleagues and mentors for additional guidance and input
  • Verifying that a new employee, who may be unfamiliar with a given task flow, is executing a procedure properly
  • Creating evidence to support compliance and audit policies as well as proof that a given task or procedure was completed
  • Using a high-frame-rate-capture feature allows reviewers to slow down the speed of a mechanical action, enabling more accurate troubleshooting and verification
  • Handing over tasks between teams (or workers) mid-task, to ensure task continuity


We have added another feature to help users increase their productivity—they can now begin a CareAR session directly from the new “Favorites” screen, for faster, more seamless access. They just need to tag their most frequently contacted users as a “favorite” to start a session this way.


We now support end-to-end encryption between native clients (iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS) during a CareAR Assist session. If a non-native app is involved (glasses, webRTC app) or if recording is active, then it is hop-by-hop.

To Learn More About the New Features

Bookmark the CareAR Customer Success webinar page for ongoing webinars.

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