Innovation Recognized: ABI Research Names CareAR a Leader in Augmented Reality Competitive Assessment

ABI Research has recognized CareAR as a leader in their Enterprise Augmented Reality Platforms competitive ranking report. Scoring is based on an innovation/implementation framework that spotlights how exciting new augmented reality technology transforms the way we work and succeed across a range of remote assist and self-solve use cases.

CareAR was also awarded Top Innovator status, with “efforts in AI around prediction” noted as a differentiator along with technology called out such as “object and state detection is supported as well for step verification.” These are outstanding attributes to be associated with. However, what may be even more notable is ABI’s analysis of CareAR’s ability to deliver results for our customers with “Integration dynamics and time to value are both above average.”

Innovation linked with bottom line results is an important confidence factor for any organization considering how augmented reality can benefit their organization. It’s new technology, so there is the attention-grabbing element of how it works. But to achieve a next level of success you need to have the integration and ongoing support resources that inspire change for existing processes.

That rare combination of time to value + innovation was CareAR additionally emphasized when ABI Research noted “CareAR recently acquired by Xerox, had the benefit of large corporate reach in the broader enterprise and field service space combined with the innovation of a smaller company.” These unique augmented reality vendor characteristics empower innovative new workflows using CareAR® Assist and CareAR® Instruct.

You can download the ABI Research report here »

More On Instruct and Assist

  • CareAR Instruct (watch quick demo video ») — self-guided AR applications that let users self-solve on their own via AR guidance, 3D-2D content, pictures, text, etc., all wrapped up in tidy visual workflows using rich on-screen instructions.
  • CareAR Assist (watch quick demo video ») — human-guided AR experiences for remote customers and field techs so they can quickly complete a job or fix an issue.

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