How Augmented Reality Can Benefit Service Support and Improve Customer Experience – OneXillium Partner Interview

Frank Zandee, Support Manager, OneXillium

Frank Zandee, Support Manager, OneXillium

Netherlands-based digital company OneXillium sells Xerox printers and uses CareAR, an augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) powered Service Management Transformation platform to remotely diagnose and resolve customer problems. Frank Zandee, OneXillium Help Desk Manager, answered questions from Marcel Wisman, Xerox Workplace Solutions Expert, about using the CareAR platform.

Who is OneXillium?

OneXillium is the ultimate partner for SMEs in securely configuring digital processes. This includes setting up a secure and efficient printing environment and managing the entire information chain and -processes in compliance. Additionally, we aim for a systematic elevation of SMEs’ maturity level in cybersecurity. Our motto is ‘Building Delight.’ We offer customers comprehensive guidance.

How does CareAR and augmented reality technology benefit technical assistance and improve customer support in the workplace?

“CareAR enables you to visually assess a scenario where the equipment alerts you to a potential problem before your customers even notice it. Imagine being able to deliver a tailored solution and relevant technical information, quickly and in a personalized way. This is possible from any device, regardless of the time or location where your customers are.”

How does CareAR work?

OneXillium service support with CareAR“Let’s say a printer fuser unit needs to be replaced. The fuser unit is a crucial part of a laser printer. Its main function is to heat the toner, a fine powder that adheres to the paper, creating the printed image or text.

The customer can point their phone at the printer, allowing the subject matter expert to visualize the situation and guide the customer step-by-step through the fuser replacement process. The SME can draw an arrow, circle a button, or write text and the different indications are instantly displayed on the customer’s screen.

The CareAR tool allows many of the current minor faults to be instantly resolved remotely with the customer who receive immediate support, avoiding hours of waiting time to a field visit.”

What would be the type of circumstances when access to an immediate remote assistance may prove beneficial?

“OneXillium works with an array of customers in different verticals and some machines are installed and maintained by onsite qualified operators. They have a stock of parts allowing them to efficiently resolve the most common breakdowns.

If the onsite operator encounters a problem, they contact our OneXillium’s Customer Delight Center who launches a CareAR session. If the problem is more challenging, then OneXillium engages a Xerox engineer to join the live remote session as well and is able to diagnose the issue in real time.”

What are the benefits of using CareAR?

“Customers receive support immediately resulting in a reduction of machine downtime. Guiding the customer remotely with the AR annotation in order to resolve the issue is definitely a plus.”

About CareAR

CareAR, A Xerox company, is a leading SXM company. CareAR makes expertise accessible instantly through remote, live visual augmented reality (AR) and AI interactions, instructions, and insights as part of a seamless digital workflow. CareAR bridges the skills gap, accelerating knowledge transfer and improving operational efficiency. It sets a new benchmark in the SXM category by enhancing customer outcomes and safety. For more information, visit

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