Capture Images from your Self-Solve Session and Co-brand your Assist Experience

You spoke and we listened! CareAR’s latest release offers many new features and updates sure to take your self-solve and remote-solve service experiences to the next level. Document self-solve sessions with CareAR® Instruct’s new camera capture. Brand your CareAR® Assist user journey experience as your own with our new CareAR Assist landing page co-branding support. Read on to learn more details about these exciting new features.

Document Your Self-Solve Success with Camera Capture

Camera Capture CareAR Instruct

CareAR Instruct’s new Camera Capture feature enables users to capture photos within an experience. Field workers can use this feature to document work completion for compliance, verify inspections, and take before and after images. These photos can be archived in your session activity, emailed, or sent via webhook to another solution. Camera Capture has no limits on the number of images per experience and you can obtain photos from your camera roll or take them using your iOS or Android device camera.  Start using camera capture today and document your experience!

Co-brand Your CareAR® Assist User Journey

Co-brand CareAR Assist

Integrate your brand identity and maintain brand consistency with CareAR Assist co-branded user journey. The new co-branded landing page features branding controls such as a custom logo uploader, color selectors, and call-to-action messaging. Tailor your invitation to your liking and present your brand’s voice and visual elements across the CareAR® Assist user journey.

Coming Soon Data Sovereignty for Japan

With data sovereignty, your information is stored in a specific physical geographic area. Having data sovereignty ensures sensitive data isn’t abused by cybercriminals. It also can protect data in the event of a natural disaster or disruption. We are proud to announce that in our upcoming release of the CareAR Service Experience Management (SXM) platform, in addition to having data sovereignty in the United States, Germany, and Canada, we will have data sovereignty in Japan! Learn more about data sovereignty in our trust center.

Our latest release has many more exciting new features such as advanced session reporting, image element updates, other UX enhancements, and bug fixes.

Learn more about CareAR and our Service Experience Management (SXM) platform:

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