Augmented Reality: Supporting Service Leaders on their Digital Transformation Journey

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Service Council has just released a new report, “Building Momentum with an AR-Enabled Digital Transformation.” This report examines the benefits of augmented reality (AR) and its role in the future of service innovation, customer journey, and employee experience. It also looks at current and planned investments in AR and provides best practices for deployment. According to the Service Council’s survey, the top four areas of focus for service leaders over the next five years are performance management (46%), service innovation (40%), expansion of service portfolio (36%), and CX initiatives (32%). In addition, the report shares that global spending on AR is expected to reach $13.8 billion this year and grow to $50.9 billion in 2026.

Service Council’s report shares the top metrics that service leaders will be focusing on in 2023, with an emphasis on revenue and cost reduction. The study found that the desired outcome of digital transformation is to become more responsive and valuable to customers, and AR can play a key role in transforming employee experience into employee engagement.

The report highlights what challenges Service Leaders identify as their top concerns for 2023. Service leaders anticipate workforce and talent shortages, the economic/business climate, supply chain challenges, changing customer expectations, and the impact of the economic/business climate on demand for service.

Organizations must act now to start utilizing augmented reality (AR) as part of their digital transformation if they want to stay competitive and experience customer and revenue growth. This includes addressing any gaps left by accelerated digitization efforts and re-evaluating tech stacks to accommodate for personalized service delivery. AR has the potential to improve customer and employee experiences, resulting in longer-term employee engagement and competitive differentiation.

By utilizing AR service leaders will meet their goal of digitization while overcoming the challenges they are concerned about in 2023.

Read the Service Council report here

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