CareAR’s Augmented Reality Healthcare Solution Enhances Patient Outcomes

August 1, 2023

Reinventing the service experience extends to the patient experience and delivers comprehensive connected care in facilities and at homes

PLANO, Texas — August 1, 2023 – CareAR, A Xerox company, the Service Experience Management market leader today announced the introduction of CareAR for Healthcare, including CareAR Virtual CareTM, a turn-key HIPAA compliant platform designed to deliver an integrated virtual care management experience enhanced with augmented reality (AR) graphical guidance delivered from anywhere.

The CareAR Virtual Care service provides an ultra-simple one-touch AR virtual visit, innovative care navigation, remote patient monitoring, along with medical device and equipment instructional guidance for home and clinical care uses.  Physicians, therapists, and other healthcare professionals can immediately benefit and take advantage of a patient’s or provider’s standard smartphone or tablet to:

  • Remove geographic barriers and remotely diagnose and graphically guide to resolve a medical device issue from anywhere, and at anytime;
  • Direct adjustments for assistive equipment fit and use;
  • Improve adoption and offer real-time direction for appropriate medical device use without delays for in-office appointments.

The CareAR Virtual CareTM solution is secure, HIPAA compliant and integrated with leading electronic healthcare record providers including amongst others, EPIC, Cerner, and Allscripts.

Patients are embracing virtual care at record levels and quickly see it as an essential mechanism of care delivery that drives greater utilization, comfort and trust with their providers. The healthcare market is experiencing explosive growth and with an expanding need for connected care it is estimated according to McKinsey & Company, that up to $265 billion worth of care services for Medicare fee-for-service and Medicare Advantage beneficiaries could shift from traditional facilities to the home by 2025 without a reduction in quality or access.

To bring these capabilities to market, the company announced that it is partnering with ExamMed, an award-winning intelligent care management platform delivering easy to deploy provider-specific workflow enhancement capabilities. CareAR enhances ExamMed’s centralized patient scheduling and messaging, interoperable EMR/EHR exchange, and access to specialty care providers and referrals with augmented reality guidance that reduces language and other barriers, optimizes remote solve rates, and improves the patient experience for managing chronic diseases, high-risk illnesses and for those living in rural areas.

“The CareAR SXM platform transforms how healthcare providers deliver home and remote facility services to patients with real-time augmented reality that makes it easy for patients and employees to leap time and distance with engaging graphical guidance,”  said CareAR’s President, Sam Waicberg. “Our CareAR Virtual Care solution integrated within ExamMed’s nationally deployed provider and patient engagement workflows provides the next level of remote patient assistance within a comprehensive, revenue generating, and cost-effective connected healthcare solution.”

The ExamMed platform is ideal for any setting – ranging from practices, to hospitals and health systems, home health and neighborhood clinics. Leveraging ExamMed with CareAR, providers can more effectively reduce non-emergent in-office visits and increase daily patient volume, while remote monitoring promotes the continuum of care, minimizes liability and costly hospital patient readmissions.

“At ExamMed, our focus is ensuring that patients have easy access to their own care teams and enabling providers with uncomplicated, convenient ways to communicate, connect and deliver the best care.” said Faraz Zubairi, CEO of ExamMed. “We extensively analyzed  the market for the best enterprise Augmented Reality platform provider, and CareAR was the clear choice for us.“ Shepherd Center, a US News & World Report Top 10 leading rehabilitation hospital, has deployed ExamMed for a number of years and Deborah Backus, Vice President of Research and Innovation added, “At Shepherd, we are driven to make an impact and improve outcomes. The combined ExamMed and CareAR solution may allow us to increase access, provide leading care, and leverage innovation including augmented reality to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients as efficiently as possible.”

About CareAR

CareAR, A Xerox company, is a leading SXM company. As part of a seamless digital workflow experience, CareAR enables users to instantly access expertise through remote, AR and AI interactions, instructions, and the ability to capture and display insights in real time, CareAR bridges the skills gap, accelerating knowledge transfer and enabling greater operational efficiency. And it proposes a new benchmark in the SXM category by improving customer outcomes and safety. For more information, visit

About ExamMed

ExamMed is an award-winning and nationally recognized Intelligent Care Management (ICM) platform delivering a unified, data driven healthcare experience by streamlining the access, management, and analysis of patient information across different systems. Producing an immediate return on investment, ExamMed dramatically improves access, quality, and user satisfaction by fully integrating a robust product suite including remote care monitoring, telemedicine, referral management, population health, clinical workflow, and patient experience management. By acting as a bridge between disparate systems, ExamMed ensures that providers have access to the best information possible to render quality care and provide the best possible outcomes. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more information about ExamMed, visit