A Recap of CareAR’s 4th Consecutive Sponsorship at ServiceNow’s Knowledge Events to Reinvent the Service Experience

It’s great to be back at live events to connect, in person, with our partners, customers and the growing ServiceNow community! In 2019, we introduced the first remote visual Augmented Reality support platform with 3D spatial mapping and an end-to-end integration to ServiceNow’s FSM offering. Over the last 4 years, we have remained 100% focused on ServiceNow, expanding to CSM and ITSM, broadened our use case support from the “Chair to the Air” across devices including Desktop, Mobile, Wearables, and Drones, and built out our portfolio with AI, Computer Vision, and analytics to deliver self-service Instructions and Insights on-demand.  Now in 2022, we are leading the Service Experience Management market and are so proud of the pace of our innovations and of our ServiceNow partnership.

Last month CareAR’s sponsorship of Knowledge 2022 showcased our presence in all 4 regional events located in New York City, The Hague Netherlands, Sydney and Las Vegas with our global teams from around the world in attendance Sam Waicberg, Sajeel Hussain, James Doyle, Joel Head, Jorge Galindez Lance Anderson, Ravi Advani, Chris Connelly, Adrian Ruck, Kevin Mukaj, as well as many others.

CareAR’s Service Experience Management platform solutions were on full display spanning reactive, proactive, and self-solve capabilities based on our CareAR® Assist, CareAR® Instruct and CareAR® Insight applications, as part of an integrated ServiceNow experience. Imagine a CSM agent or expert seeing what their customer sees for instant trouble shooting or a self guided 3D interactive instruction showing field techs consistently how to perform tasks within an FSM work order. These were a few examples being showcased…



CareAR’s Service Experience Management platform solutions were on full display globally spanning reactive, proactive, and self-solve applications including CareAR® Assist, CareAR® Instruct and CareAR® Insight.



Knowledge 22 New York City Highlights:

Sajeel Hussain’s breakout session alongside Infosys on delivering capabilities to the Metaverse resonated with the ServiceNow community. Ecosystem partnerships truly accelerate service experience transformation and the ServiceNow FSM, CSM & ITSM AR workflow extensions – integrated with Infosys Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Café – make expertise instantly accessible. This empowers industries like telco, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, IT services, Technology and many others to accelerate their path to service experience transformation through CareAR’s service experience management (SXM) platform.





Knowledge 22 The Hague Netherlands Highlights:

James Doyle, Richard Forsyth and Michele Mingotto attended the Knowledge22 event in the Hague, connecting with our partners, customers and the whole ServiceNow community. They engaged with the ServiceNow Industry specialists and Workflow experts to dig into specific use-cases – demonstrating how customers can leverage the benefits of CareAR directly through their ServiceNow Platform, and combine data models and workflows with real-time support and insights to drive game-changing business outcomes. It was clear from the conversations that across multiple industries, whether it be in Manufacturing, Telecom, IT Services, Healthcare or Local government, there was huge potential and value for ServiceNow customers.

The team also engaged with multiple SI partners, showing how the CareAR SXM platform drives digital transformation that delivers significant operational efficiencies, reduces costs and creates optimal customer and employee experiences for their key customers. There was great existing knowledge of CareAR within many existing partners, but we also made many relationships for new partnerships which is one of the major benefits of bringing people together at Knowledge22.

James Doyle, Richard Forsyth and Michele Mingotto attended the Knowledge22 event in the Hague

The 2-day event brought together a winning combination of technological capabilities, industry expertise and pure energy which demonstrates why CareAR, our partners and the wider ServiceNow community are #bettertogether!

Knowledge 22 Sydney Highlights:

Amazing support by the ServiceNow APJ and ANZ leaders. ServiceNow executives were compelled to try for themselves following intuitive self-guided AR/AI 3D overlay instructions as part of ServiceNow workflow experience, and ServiceNow ANZ Customer Workflow team showcased CareAR remote assist and self-guided instructions as part of an innovative breakout session.  During a breakfast session sponsored by our partner CloudGo, CareAR’s President Sam Waicberg presented how the CareAR and ServiceNow integration allows customers and technicians to take their service experiences to the next level and optimize FSM, CSM & ITSM workflows. Great support from Infosys APJ teams.


AR in Action






Knowledge 22 Las Vegas Highlights:

CareAR was out in force meeting with our incredible partners Infosys, Cask, TCS, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, CloudGo, Thirdera, HCL, and Play4mation. CareAR also participated in several industry round tables.

Co-hosting a networking event with Cask in Las Vegas was a great way to wrap-up Knowledge 22!

CareAR was out in force meeting with our incredible partners Infosys, Cask, TCS, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, CloudGo, Thirdera, HCL, and Play4mation

CareAR and Infosys Partnership Announcement Highlights:

Our partnership announcement with Infosys to accelerate metaverse service experience transformation was another major highlight that ServiceNow-powered users were excited about.

Infosys has developed a CareAR services practice that provides the CareAR SXM platform with the Infosys ESM Café, part of Infosys Cobalt, enabling superior service experience and a seamless integration with ServiceNow workflows. CareAR’s AR platform provides a natural extension for Infosys’ metaverse foundry as it will allow customers and service technicians to interact using 3D renderings, immersive AR/VR experiences, digital twins, and an extensive content library of self-solve experiences.


“Service organizations are looking for opportunities to deliver advanced digital solutions that improve experiences for customers and technicians alike. Augmented and virtual reality have become imperative to that effort. The combination of CareAR’s SXM platform, ServiceNow’s leading AR Workflow extension, and Infosys’ digital services and consultancy expertise will enable customers and technicians to take their service experiences to the next level and optimize the ways enterprises operate.”

— Bulent Cinarkaya, GM, Field Service Management, ServiceNow


“Infosys is keenly focused on delivering opportunities to digitally transform enterprise experiences through a solid ecosystem of partners and this collaboration with CareAR is a natural extension of that commitment. Working with CareAR, Infosys can provide enterprises with the digital services acceleration tools needed to achieve increasingly immersive service experiences that drive customer satisfaction and improved employee experiences.”

— Narsimha Rao Mannepalli, Executive Vice President, Head – Cloud Infrastructure and Security Solutions, Infosys


Knowledge 22 has been another amazing event for CareAR and the ServiceNow community. We are where our customers and partners are. We thrive to create a world where human intelligence and information are augmented to access expertise in seconds, with artificial intelligence and content that is delivered on-demand and with context, across devices from desktop to drones to support any situation, anywhere. The CareAR team is so looking forward to the upcoming events and opportunities to be alongside our customers, partners and the growing ServiceNow community to transform the service experience.

Learn more about how CareAR is reinventing the service experience here.

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