Looking to the Future as CareAR joins the Xerox Family

Last week’s announcement by Xerox acquiring CareAR represented a monumental milestone and validates the significant value we bring to enterprises.  Now as part of a Fortune 500 company, with an innovation heritage and global presence, we’ll rapidly be scaling our services and accelerating our capabilities bringing even greater outcomes to our customers and partners.

We started with a simple brand and mission for CareAR, to provide help or assistance using Augmented Reality. We then sought out to solve a single but significant problem, of providing real-time access to expertise for field services. This evolved with our ServiceNow partnership and extended to include customer service and IT service management.

“CareAR’s augmented reality software, which is integrated and certified with ServiceNow, helps customers remotely view and solve service issues,” says Michael Ramsey, vice president of Customer Workflow Product Management at ServiceNow. “Xerox’s acquisition of this technology can help drive further opportunities to modernize field service, customer support and IT services leveraging the power of the Now Platform and CareAR.”

“Xerox’s CareAR augmented reality platform provides us an ability to extend our market leading, industry-focused ServiceNow offerings.” said Asish Ramchandran, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “CareAR represents the next mile in the digital transformation journey of organizations and together we have the ability to deliver next generation solutions that drive greater outcomes and value for our collective clients.”

As amazing as our journey has been, we are thrilled to enter our next chapter for CareAR, as a foundational part of Xerox Digital Services, leveraging advanced technologies from Xerox PARC such as AI, IoT, and RPA.

I’d like to thank the CareAR team for their tireless contributions and unwavering commitment, our investors for always believing, and our customers and partners such as ServiceNow for their collaboration and confidence. A big shout out to our new Xerox family and special thanks to Steve Bandrowczak for his vision and seeing our true potential. Yo Chetan, we did it!!

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