CareAR Announces Enterprise Augmented Reality on Glass Enterprise Edition 2

June 12, 2020

Austin, TX (June 12, 2020) — CareAR, a leader in enterprise-grade augmented reality (AR), is announcing a solution used on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 that brings the next level of innovation and efficiency for enterprise field services. Field operators will be able to perform tasks, train, or resolve issues faster, the first time by interfacing hands-free with remote experts anywhere, providing visual AR assistance and guidance, as if they were actually there on-site.

“We are excited that CareAR has selected Glass Enterprise Edition 2 as their preferred smart glasses platform to help field services teams be more effective and efficient at their jobs” said Mireia Aguilera, Glass, Head of Partnerships.

Through CareAR on Glass Enterprise Edition 2, users can initiate and receive calls for easy access to experts. Once connected, remote experts instantly see what the field resource sees, with live HD video and audio communications. As part of CareAR, remote experts also leverage a full suite of AR tools that digitally overlay on the video stream, further assisting and guiding field resources to perform their task while “hands free.” Additionally, pictures and video recordings can be captured during the service session and automatically saved into the Field Service or IT Service Management system of record, ensuring proof of work for audit or compliance purposes.

CareAR has partnered with service management market leader, ServiceNow, seamlessly integrating augmented reality from calling to compliance, extending the enterprise service management digital workflow experience. CareAR for Glass Enterprise Edition 2 can now be used with CareAR’s certified integration of Customer Service Management, Field Service Management, and IT Service Management for ServiceNow, available here on the ServiceNow Store.

“Glass for Enterprise Edition 2 is a game changer for enterprise field service teams,” said Sam Waicberg, CEO, CareAR. “The combination of Glass and CareAR’s enterprise-grade augmented reality will create a frictionless user experience that helps accelerate adoption for those organizations that want to extend AR as part of their field services workflow.”