Enhance Instructional Content with MagicLens

Augmented reality and interactive 3D visualization experiences for mobile & desktop.

Deliver rich 3D instructional content with a digital twin

Superpower your CareAR Instruct content experience. Using computer-aided design (CAD) data, MagicLens enables 3D content visualization, video simulations for AR-enriched 3D content, and high-quality renderings of models.

3D Models

3D models

3D-Models will be reduced in size and complexity and optimized for real time rendering on mobile devices

X-ray Shader

Step-by-step layering of sectional views to create an x-ray vision look and feel
Exploded view

Exploded View

Stretched out display of several individual 3d components that form an object

MagicLens Benefits

Dynamic 3D

Optimize Performance

Dynamic 3D perspective for next-step speed with confidence

Range of 3D Views

Enhanced Comprehension

Self-customizable infinite range of views present detail tailored for every user preference
Intelligent Prediction

Intelligent Prediction

3D component fit and motion simulation focus attention on cause and effect
Digital Twin

Improve Productivity

Eliminate errors and up-skill staff with digital twin visual insight
MagicLens and CareAR Instruct

Develop 3D instructions with our white-glove professional services team

Our team of 3D artists and developers can help you visualize, define, and create your instructional content. Work with our professional services team to develop the assets you need to enhance your self-solve experience.

MagicLens and CareAR Instruct

Applications across many industries and use cases

MagicLens Events

Events & Tradeshows

MagicLens Consumers

Consumers & Resellers

MagicLens for Showrooms

In Showrooms

MagicLens for Client Meetings

Client Meetings

MagicLens for Print Material

Enhanced Print Material

Self-Solve Instructions MagicLens

Self-Solve Instructions