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Soludoc leverages CareAR’s AR and AI-powered remote assistance for ERT Technologies to optimize their operations

Powered by the CareAR platform, Soludoc, a Xerox dealer in France, initiates an AR pilot program to enable ERT Technologies to provide remote assistance to improve service efficiency, maintenance, and training.


Soludoc customer ERT Technologies wanted to remotely advise its stakeholders during fiber and internet box installation in private homes and sensitive locations without systematically needing to send a technician on-site to solve problems. ERT Technologies integrates science and technology solutions for Federal government organizations.

ERT Technologies aimed to improve its services by streamlining its operations through various optimization techniques. The team at ERT needed to:

  • Reduce intervention times to ensure clients receive prompt and efficient assistance.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing tailored, high-quality services that meet their unique needs.

  • Minimize start-up incidents, which can be time-consuming and costly.

  • Reducing travel and its environmental impact while maintaining the highest service delivery standards.

ERT required an augmented reality solution to help them deliver results on these initiatives to enhance customer satisfaction, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

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“With Xerox’s CareAR, we will be able to offer our customers new services that enable them to accelerate their day-to-day digital transformation and improve their operating costs and carbon footprint.”

Bruno Colotte,
Director of Information Systems,
ERT Technologies


CareAR augmented reality technology is transforming the ERT Technologies service delivery ecosystem and addressing essential sustainability and workforce challenges in numerous areas.

CareAR® Assist has enabled ERT to perform remote preventive and maintenance actions, reducing unnecessary technician visits. This has decreased the number of vehicles on the road, leading to a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

CareAR® Instruct enables support teams to enhance their capabilities using digital work instructions. Access to content in context provides remote solve and self-solve capabilities for both employees and end customers. This minimizes dispatches, reducing costs and positively affecting environmental impact.

CareAR® Experience Builder has enabled ERT Technologies to build digitized procedures leveraging the expertise of experienced employees. These instructional workflows empower inexperienced workers by providing them access to a comprehensive knowledge base created with CareAR.

“With Xerox’s CareAR, we will be able to offer our customers new services that enable them to accelerate their day-to-day digital transformation and improve their operating costs and carbon footprint. This technology will allow us to meet the new needs of our customers, and we are proud of the trust that ERT Technologies has placed in us in implementing this project.”

Damien Laurent

Damien Laurent

President, Soludoc

Working with CareAR


By centralizing its support at the national level, ERT Technologies will be able to create expert teams capable of intervening throughout France thanks to augmented reality, reserving on-site interventions only for the most complex issues.

“CareAR’s presentations allowed us to see the potential of augmented reality daily to assist service providers in the field in situations that can sometimes be tricky,” adds Bruno Colotte, Director of Information Systems at ERT Technologies. “This pilot project will allow us to validate these opportunities and, potentially, transform how we support our service providers.”

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CareAR’s live, remote, HD-powered video sessions helped the CES support team achieve an 84% issue resolution rate. With this technology, the support team could see and understand exactly what the customers were experiencing and provide guidance using CareAR Assist