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CareAR® Insight

Intelligence from multiple sources combined with AR to improve problem solving and users’ knowledge.

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Augmented Reality Visual Insight

Access rich contextual data about the asset being repaired, such as product details and service history, to help field service workers make better decisions and resolve problems faster. This information can also help to fill knowledge gaps and up-skill service teams.

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Correlate Contextual Information

Capture and link diagnostic information from other sources to help determine and resolve the root cause of a problem.

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Get Real-Time Status

Find out service history and other information in real time from connected devices.

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Predict Confidently

Combine historical information about an asset with current data from connected devices to spot problems before they occur.

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Insight Troubleshooting
Insight Mobile
Insight Browser Website

Enhanced Contextual Intelligence

Access comprehensive contextual intelligence to diagnose and direct.

Capture information from connected devices, curated content, and digitized paper documents. Then the information is overlaid in real time over live video, to help a user diagnose a problem, learn more about the asset being serviced, or solve a problem more efficiently.

Consolidated Information

Aggregate information from multiple sources to prioritize attention.

Capture information from a variety of sources, such as visual images, digitized documents, service history, IoT, and connected devices. Then CareAR will use computer vision-driven object recognition combined with the aggregated data to prioritize which areas need attention first.

Augmented Intelligence for Prediction

Derive insights from machine-learning to predict potential issues or future service needs.

Gather and link information with AI-powered machine learning. Use that combined information to reveal a unique insight or diagnosis.

Insight Mobile
Insight Troubleshooting

How It Works

CareAR Insight Integrated with IoT

Integrate with IoT-enabled Products

Tap into valuable insights output by connected products

Insight Product Updates

Receive Product Updates

Get realtime health and status updates from connected product

Insight Service History

View Service History

Present relevant service management history for instant product context

CareAR Insight How it works Warranty

Display Warranty Status

Embed warranty information for improved customer experience

CareAR Insight Predictive Insights

Deliver Predictive insights

Inform users of potential issues before they occur


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Smart Object Detection

Retrieve the make, model number, and other administrative information about the asset being serviced.

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Warranty Status Confirmation

Confirm warranty coverage on the spot.

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Work Order History

View the service history for the asset being serviced for deeper context.

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Augmented Intelligence

Uncover hidden insights and catch issues before they happen.

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Knowledge Base Recommendations

Reduce search times with contextual knowledge-based articles and documents.

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AR Assistance

Make engagements with AR experts more effective with shared insights.

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IoT Ready

Share diagnostic feeds created by connected assets in real time.

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Trusted Support

Work closely with a CareAR customer success manger on an ongoing basis to assist you with dynamic contextual insight.

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