Augmented Reality’s Role during Covid-19 Drives Digital Transformation for Customer, Field, and IT Services

During these times of Covid-19, businesses are using visual collaboration technologies to drive transformation while adapting to new normal conditions. Solutions supporting tele-health, long-distance learning, and work-at-home are examples of how incorporating visual interactions has rightfully received elevated exposure… They have showcased how patients, students, and employees safely receive services or information needed, while avoiding in-person contact. People are coming to the conclusion that in most instances these remote services actually deliver the same outcomes, with greater efficiency and convenience than being there in person, all the while avoiding contact and staying safe.

Today’s augmented reality (AR) capabilities deliver the same results. There’s never been more your service and support teams can do, applying the same logic. Leveraging AR for remote visual support as part of customer, field, and employee support solutions leads to better outcomes and productivity, with the same safety benefits derived from avoiding in person visits. Whether it’s a tech’s truck roll, trip to the store, facilities, data centers, construction, customer’s home or workplace, this could be a key moment for your service team to transform, elevating your customer experiences.

CareAR provides these capabilities today, deflecting dispatches or the need for on-site visits by over 50% on average. CareAR in conjunction with ServiceNow can provide a platform to achieve better outcomes – increasing operational efficiencies while avoiding in-person contact – as an integrated part of your ServiceNow workflow.

In this two-part series, we’ll examine how remote visual AR support can help your ServiceNow teams. We’ll explore why keeping a safe distance from your customers’ sites now could lead to a better support relationship even after the current crisis is over, and we’ll show you how CareAR and ServiceNow working together can provide solutions that elevate services and safety.

Contact us to learn how to leverage visual AR for remote support as part of your ServiceNow extended workflows.

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