Why Care?

Smarter support for today’s ServiceNow enabled enterprise

Your customers, employees, and field staff need better support tools. 

Delays in enterprise support directly impact customer satisfaction, revenue, competitive differentiation, and cost.  Lack of knowledge transfer and skills gap adds to the problem. Additionally, over 50% of service staff deployed require real time access to expertise in order to solve the actual problem. 

Enterprises require smarter support capabilities. 

CareAR is the smart support platform for the modern, ServiceNow enabled enterprise. We bring enhanced augmented reality and live video collaboration together as part of an end-to-end service management workflow, extending value to support teams.

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Faster Time to Resolution

Gain instant visual context - spend time solving the problem versus assessing the situation

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Higher First Time Fix Rates

Annotation suite of tools for more effective guidance and accurate resolution

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Knowledge Transfer

Reduce your skills gap and make experts more accessible to more junior field resources, contractors or customers 


Reduce Service Costs

Decrease duration of downtime and frequency of dispatching travel and transport resources

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Customer Experience

Elevate your customer’s experience and NPS through unmatched quality, service, and capabilities


Integrated into the ServiceNow platform

CSM, FSM, ITSM, Knowledge Base for easy workflow and application integration