Better Manuals, Made in Minutes

Everybody needs to know how to do their job. Allow your workers to instantly create instructions and training with minimal effort, combining video instructions with instant translation. unlocks your workers’ knowledge, improving productivity, safety and efficiency across the board.

Instant know-how makes it easy for companies to easily and quickly collect and share high performance visual instructions. Using our platform, you rapidly build an effective knowledge base of practical how-to guides that combine video or pictures with text in any language and on any device.’s simple approach makes content more accessible and easily understood. The result? Instant improvements to safety, productivity and training. By printing instructions on devices as QR-codes or easy to read URLs, everybody always knows how.

  • Anywhere: access from any device. Just scan the QR code or use the URL.
  • Anytime: always have the latest version. Keep improving your manual.
  • Any language: your workforce is multilingual. Now your manuals are too. is cloud based software that is easy to set up, intuitive to use and quickly unlocks your workers knowledge. Create a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous improvement, where everybody contributes. is used by industry leading brands across the world, including Volvo Cars, Atos and Microsoft.