Marxent Partners with CareAR to Upgrade the Customer Support Experience

October 20, 2020

CareAR, the augmented reality smart service platform for ServiceNow will use Marxent 3D Cloud to manage and deliver digital twins for enhanced interactions, instructions, and insights. 

October 13, 2020, St Petersburg, Fla. — Today Marxent and CareAR announced a strategic partnership to make remote customer support more accessible and easier to deploy.  CareAR will utilize the Marxent 3D Cloud to manage and distribute digital twins of products that are serviced remotely using their platform. In turn, Marxent will offer CareAR services to building product manufacturers and home furnishings clients for delivery issue resolution and assembly instructions.

As fewer people want service technicians and repair professionals in their homes, providing precise, virtual support safely, quickly, and accurately has become business-critical. CareAR’s platform integrates with ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management and allows remote agents to visually assist customers to “see what they see,” using only a standard mobile device camera. AR tools can be used to virtually guide customers and solve their problems as if the technicians were physically present.

“The need for COVID-safe remote repair, support, and assembly services has become acute,” said Beck Besecker, CEO and Co-Founder of Marxent.  “CareAR is the leading smart service platform and we have many clients looking to improve their customer support workflow. We can provide 3D content creation, delivery, and management, while also offering CareAR access to our customers,” Besecker said.

“CareAR has always been about finding the best way to deliver remote, visual support and repair services,” said Sam Waicberg, CEO of CareAR.  Marxent 3D Cloud is on the leading edge of 3D content delivery. Their tech will allow us to create, manage, and publish 3D digital twins of products to enhance the customer support experience.”

As virtual support has become essential, the demand for digital twins of products has increased, sending CareAR in search of a 3D content management platform that could manage an infinite number of products and product variations, tie them to product data, and deliver them to both web-based and augmented reality applications, as well as ensuring that our 3D digital twins work within future applications. “Marxent 3D Cloud does it all,” Waicberg said. “It is able to solve all of our 3D content challenges. We couldn’t be happier with our selection.”

About Marxent

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