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CareAR Expedites Printer Installation Impacted by Covid-19 International Border Closures


One of Xerox’s most important Canadian clients was ready to install a sophisticated Xerox ink jet printer. However, the Trivor 2400 isn’t easy to get up and running; it requires trained specialists, along with specific tools and techniques. The US-based installation team that usually handles such projects was all set to visit its neighbor up north, except for one wrinkle: restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic prevented them from crossing the border. “We had to find a way to close the gap, of not having our team physically there but yet provide the support that the local team had on site,” said Carlos Lopez, systems engineer at Xerox. It needed a remote solution to assist the untrained team in Canada with the complicated set-up.

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“We had originally planned to have this entire process finished by June 30, and with the hurdle after hurdle, we were successful on June 29.”

Dan Banaszak

Dan Banaszak

Vice President of Global Manufacturing, Xerox


Dan Banaszak, Xerox’s vice president of global manufacturing, and Lopez used CareAR® Assist to remotely walk the untrained remote team through the two-week installation process, step-by-step. How did they communicate? With smartphone cameras and CareAR’s real-time AR-powered video feed. The Canadians showed the trained Xerox team what they were looking at and the experts asked clarifying questions, provided guidance, and fixed mistakes.

“We would use the tool to show them what we are seeing,” Lopez said. “Having that visual context of what they are seeing, gives us a way to easily troubleshoot the problem, and also allows us to narrow down the scope of where we should concentrate.” For example, once Lopez understood the problem, he placed captions, such as: “Make sure this hose is tightly fastened,” with an anchored arrow aimed at the point of contact for the hose.

“The Trivor requires special tools, special techniques. This was that Apollo 13 moment where we threw a bunch of things on the table and said, ok engineers, these guys are up in space you can’t get to them, you have to make this thing work.”

–Dan Banaszak,
Vice President of Global Manufacturing, Xerox


Entire process finished ahead of schedule


Faster Resolution Time

Using CareAR, Banaszak and Lopez helped the untrained remote team get the complex printer up and running—entirely remotely—one day ahead of schedule.

Expertise Accessible

CareAR’s visual support tools really accelerated the process by helping with coaching, troubleshooting, pointing out which sections of machinery to focus on, correcting errors, and guiding remotely.

Issue Prevention

Being able to talk to each other and add text, circles, and arrows to the live video feed—graphics that all stayed in place even as workers moved their phones—were critical, because if one wire was missed, an entire power supply could have been ruined.

Sessions Archived

Documenting parts of the process that sometimes get missed was important so Xerox could use the feedback the next time someone runs into a similar problem.

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