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CareAR Enables Remote Preventative Maintenance, Improved Customer Service and Savings for Visioneer

Offering a broad range of software-enabled hardware products, Visioneer’s intelligent scanning software technology helps customers improve workflows and increase productivity by unlocking the valuable information trapped on paper. For nearly two decades, Visioneer has been a Xerox partner, licensed to build, sell, and rent stand-alone document scanners as well as provide on-site and remote support. It also provides professional scanning services.
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Visioneer, a Xerox partner, is licensed to provide remote support for document scanners. When clients call Visioneer about hardware issues, technical support teams sometimes have difficulty troubleshooting and resolving issues remotely. Technicians find the limited context that customers provide over the phone challenging—techs also need to see the issues to fix them. This results in extended downtime for customers and a higher cost of service for Visioneer when it must send technicians or replacement scanners to customers’ sites.

“We needed a way to service our customers more efficiently to prevent unnecessary downtime and reduce costs,” said Jim Tamo, vice president of sales, North America at Visioneer.

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“Customers expect full service support when they need help. Since being there in person is not always an option or the most efficient solution, CareAR provides precise identification of the support issue, ensuring that Visioneer’s customer needs are addressed to their satisfaction. With so much innovation going into our products, we are excited to deliver the same level of innovation into our customer experience, while also providing cost savings to our service organization.”

Jim Tamo

Jim Tamo

President, Visioneer


Through its partnership with Xerox, Visioneer was introduced to the CareAR® Assist app. CareAR Assist is an augmented reality-based (AR) visual support platform that enables service management teams anywhere to provide real-time visual AR assistance and guidance to customers and field service teams. Remote agents and experts can virtually see the situation and then provide visual guidance to customers and service teams in the field, using a suite of AR tools via desktop computer, mobile device, smart glasses, or drones, as if they were there in person.

Additionally, CareAR Assist’s end-to-end integration allows users to instantly capture images and video recordings during a service session, creating content that is automatically saved in the secure CareAR cloud. This enhances future knowledge transfer and ensures proof that work has been completed and/or is in compliance.

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In 1 year, Visioneer achieved 331% ROI through preventative maintenance


With CareAR Assist, Visioneer’s service support team can leverage AR to engage clients in a live, remote, HD-powered video session to see exactly what customers are seeing. During these collaborative sessions, technicians use enterprise-grade annotation tools that are built into the CareAR Assist app to quickly diagnose the issue and provide real-time guidance to customers to resolve the issue and/or validate claims. The ability to provide visual context enables techs to focus on troubleshooting and initiating the correct solution for the issue.

Since adopting CareAR Assist in September 2021, Visioneer has saved thousands of dollars and realized a 331% ROI through preventative maintenance, remotely resolving customer issues without having to dispatch repair teams to a customer’s site and avoiding the need to send replacement scanners.  CareAR has enabled Visioneer to enhance customer satisfaction with their clients by offering effective means to support them.

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Powered by the CareAR platform, Soludoc, a Xerox dealer, initiates an AR pilot program to enable ERT Technologies to provide remote assistance to improve service efficiency, maintenance, and training.



CareAR’s live, remote, HD-powered video sessions helped the CES support team achieve an 84% issue resolution rate. With this technology, the support team could see and understand exactly what the customers were experiencing and provide guidance using CareAR Assist