How ExamMed and Shepherd Center are Exploring AR for Healthcare Transformation


In this webinar, our President Sam Waicberg speaks with the team from Service Council to share insights on how service leaders in the healthcare industry can meet their modern-day customers where they are through augmented reality and innovative technology. Featuring a case study from the Shepherd Center, a leading rehabilitation hospital hoping to leverage augmented reality, this webinar helps service leaders across industries to learn how to balance the service experience with efficiency and emerging technologies.  

CareAR and Service Council speak with one leading rehabilitation hospital that hopes to balance service efficiency and patient experience by leveraging augmented reality (AR). 

Talking points of the webinar include: 

  • Current challenges Shepherd Center is facing and what they hope to achieve with AR 
  • Key strategies for organizations in all verticals to elevate the service experience 
  • How AR can mitigate causes of customer experience erosion 

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