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Data Centre Services Team Stockholm Infrastructure Refresh Project

The Data Center Services team, which is part of the XDX Global Infrastructure & Production Support organization, is always looking for innovative solutions that enhance the users’ experience while bringing value to the business. In that regard, they have built CareAR® Assist into the support model within their data center services.


As the world slowly recovers from the COVID pandemic, restrictions are being eased and travel has started up again, but with strict entry requirements. So, how do you complete an end-to-end infrastructure refresh within a major print center within Stockholm? On the back of the success of rolling out CareAR® Assist within the UK data centers, the Xerox Data Center Services team yet again looked to CareAR to help not only to solve the current issue facing them but also to create a roadmap for future installs around the globe without the requirement of having trained engineers on site physically installing the equipment.

How Was this Type of Refresh Done Previously?

To complete an infrastructure refresh at any given site around the globe, highly skilled engineers must be physically on site throughout the whole install and configuration process. This requirement added considerable cost to the project and resource pressure on the team while having dedicated members out of the country.

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Stockholm, Sweden

“As a multi billion dollar business with hundreds of thousands of customers, any down time could severely impact our ability to provide service and, as a result, could damage revenue streams across the board. CareAR Assist significantly reduces the recovery time minimizing the impact on our data centers.”

Jonathon Weston

Jonathon Weston

Operations Manager, UK and EU Data Centers, Xerox


The challenge facing Xerox was not only how to ensure the new kit is installed successfully and on time, but also to set a roadmap for the future and ensure that as a company we are moving our sustainability goals forward.

CareAR Assist gave the team the answers they needed. Trained experts historically needed to be on site, but CareAR Assist’s “see what I see” interaction gave experts eyes on the ground. As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. These experts are able to remotely dictate to a non-technical person what needs to be done every step of the way and bring in third-party suppliers remotely to undertake and accomplish the base configuration.

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The data center services team were able to successfully refresh all infrastructure hardware remotely using CareAR Assist and local onsite non-IT skilled personnel saving approximately 10,000GBP in travel costs alone.


The use of CareAR Assist allowed us to:

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Set Defined Roadmap

Set a defined roadmap and template for all future remote installations

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Reduce Time to Deploy

Reduce overall time to deploy the new Infrastructure

icon reduce cost

Eliminate Dispatches

Remove the requirement to send two highly skilled infrastructure engineers on site

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Remove Travel Costs

Remove all travel costs from the project saving approximately 10,000GBP in travel costs

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Reduce On-Site Technicians

Reduce the requirement to have an onsite third-party engineer to assist with the installation at the remote site

Reduce Carbon

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Reduce our carbon emissions

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