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CareAR’s Earth Day no-code hackathon challenges you to protect the planet by creating interactive earth friendly digital instructions with augmented reality.

Apply to Participate April 22-26, 2024

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APR. 22 – 26
Imagine it!

MAY 8 – 31
Build it!

JUNE 17 – 21
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Create Earth Friendly Digital Instructions with Augmented Reality

CarEARTHon is CareAR’s no-code hackathon that puts the spotlight on protecting the planet. Do you have an earth-friendly activity that you do on your own? The goal of this hackathon is to teach others how they can be eco-conscious every day right in their own homes. With CareAR® Experience Builder, we challenge you to create an instructional experience using tools like augmented reality, intelligent search, 3D objects, and more to teach others eco-friendly habits.

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APR. 22-26

Apply to Enter

Come up with your idea and fill out the application below to enter as an individual or max group of 3.

MAY 8-31

Build Your Experience

Build your earth-friendly instructional experience. Submit your experience via our web interface by May 31.

JUNE 3-13


A panel of judges will review the submissions and select a winner to be promoted on the CareAR and Xerox social channels.


Winner Announced

The winner will be notified via email.


Build Launched

The winning experience will be offered to the public for free and amplified on the CareAR and Xerox social channels.

Hackathon Rules

Everything you need to know about the CarEARTHon

Who can participate?

  • Anyone ages 18 and up may participate
  • Submissions can be as an individual or in a max group of 3 people
  • Max participants = 20 people or 20 submissions/groups

What are the guidelines for the instructional build?

  • Participants are required to build an instructional experience using CareAR® Experience Builder.
  • The experience must:
    • teach people how to do or solve something related to the environment (conserve energy, planting, etc.)
    • be able to be completed by an individual in their home with every day materials / supplies
    • have 5-10 steps with have a minimum of 5 steps
    • use at least two of the Experience Builder tools such as:
      • 3D objects
      • Hotspots
      • Video (e.g; YouTube, Mp4, original content)
      • Intelligent search
      • Language Translation
    • The instructions must provide a safe experience for the end-user
    • You can submit an experience in any language but you MUST translate it to English. Failure to translate your experience will result in disqualification.

What is the deadline for submissions?

  • The deadline for participants to apply to enter with their earth-friendly digital instructions idea is April 26
  • The deadline for participants to submit their final instructional experience is May 31

What is the judging criteria?

  • The judges will score submissions based on:
    • Ease of use
    • Environmental impact
    • Creativity

What will I win?

Winners will receive:

  • The first place winner will receive:
    • a DJI drone
    • 1-week promotion of their winning build offered to the public on Xerox and CareAR’s LinkedIn page
  • The second and third place winners will receive acknowledgement on both Xerox and CareAR’s social media channels as well as on CareAR’s website.

Can I see an example?

View last year’s 2nd place winner, Team Sandbees as an example build. View example build

CareAR Experience Builder and CareAR Instruct for the environment

Help save the planet by creating earth friendly digital instructions.

Share CareAR with the world for Earth Day. Use your idea to show others how they can can benefit the environment every day right in their own home.

Meet our Judges

 Judges from across the Xerox ESG team and CareAR leadership

Kirk Pothos

Kirk Pothos

President, CareAR

Terry Antinora

Terry Antinora

VP, Workplace Solutions & Product Offerings, Xerox

Joe Trumpey

Joe Trumpey

Professor of Art and Natural Resources, Stamps School of Art and Design. School for Environment and Sustainability, University of Michigan

2023 Winners

And the winners are. . .

CarEARTHon 2023 First-Place Team Wildforce

Team Wildforce

Team Wildforce’s earth-friendly instructional experience guides users through everyday measures they can take to protect local wildlife in their area. Learn things like how to create a wild-friendly garden, wild-life proof your garbage areas, and what to do if you find an orphaned or sick animal.

Experience Creators:

  • Patricia Dias, Global Omni Channel Lead, Xerox
  • Daniela Remiddi, Global Technology and Innovation Manager, Xerox
  • Ali Naqvi, Global Transformation Deployment Manager, Xerox
CarEARTHon 2023 First-Place Team Wildforce

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Sandbees for Biodiversity Second Place 2023 CarEARTHon winner

Team Team Sandbee for Biodiversity

Team Sandbee’s instruction experience guides you through the best way to create a sandbee habitat in your home garden.

Experience Creators:

  • Andrea Erdmann, Program Manager, CareAR
  • Pamela Young, Program Manager, Xerox
2023 CarEARTHon Third Place Winner - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Team Team Triple Threat – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Team Triple Threat guides you through an instructional experience to educate you all about recycling. You will learn what items can be recycled, what the numbers on plastic packaging mean, and recycling rules for your city.

Experience Creators:

  • Kevin Mukaj, Partner Manager, CareAR
  • Jorge Galindez, VP of Sales, CareAR
  • Carly Kroll, Director Sales Enablement, CareAR
2023 CarEARTHon Third Place Winner - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle