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May 11 – 20, 2021
ServiceNow’s flagship two-week digital experience
If you didn’t catch the event or would like to revisit how CareAR is enabling digital transformation with remote AR visual support, please watch the exclusive event content below.

Exclusive CareAR Knowledge21 Content


Customer Workflows Keynote

In this keynote, John Ball, GM & SVP of Customer Workflows, will demonstrate how connecting Customer Operations drives a great end-to-end customer experience. ServiceNow enables customers to go beyond that initial engagement by powering the orchestration of tasks across the entire organization. We help engage customers at their point of need, across any digital channel or device to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

Come hear how ServiceNow is helping drive a massive digital transformation as Xerox moves forward with augmented reality solutions to improve speed, efficiency, and the bottom line as a generation of skilled workers look to retire. That story and more on the Customer Workflows keynote.

Sam Waicberg

GM, Xerox Digital Services

John Ball

GM & SVP of Customer Workflows, ServiceNow
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Augmented reality for Xerox field service support by Deloitte

Mary McHugh, Chief Supply Chain and Delivery Officer at Xerox, explains why implementing CareAR’s software is helping with their outcome ambitions around people, profit and planet – improving customer experience, costs, and carbon footprint reductions.

Mary McHugh

Chief Supply Chain and Delivery Officer, Xerox
customer service desk person at computer


Augmented reality for ServiceNow. Delivering smarter enterprise support.

First time resolution and fast problem solving are today’s table stakes, but actually delivering on them is not the norm. Furthermore, complex on-site situations require enhanced context creating additional support challenges. This session will demonstrate how CareAR leverages the global end-to-end integration with the Now Platform, allowing remote agents or experts to provide live AR assistance, guidance, and compliance to help solve and capture complex issues.

Ami Barzelay

Director Solutions Consulting, CareAR

Kevin Summers

Head of Product Management
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